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Turkey Meat w/ Frijoles Negros, Salsa and a Dash Of Mexican Cheddar

This is one of The Mrs’ staple dishes for when she needs to throw something together quickly for us.

She puts some turkey meat in the pan with taco seasoning and browns it. Then we always have cans of frijole negros and salsa laying around and even a little mexican cheddar.

It’s full of lean protein and packed with flavor and can be whipped up in minutes.

Where The Locals Go Coupon Spotlight- The Weathervane

Where The Locals Go

The Where The Locals Go coupon book spotlight for today is for The Weathervane in downtown Gloucester.

The Weathervane offers two separate coupons, each for 20% off any purchase excluding special orders, Cape Pond Ice merchandise and books. That’s another pretty substantial coupon which in many cases could pay for the cost of the coupon book itself ($10) leaving you hundreds of other coupons to save even more money with.

Weathervane Cape Pond Ice Gear

The Weathervane carries a full line of Cape Pond Ice Gear including shirts, hats, sweatshirts, Perfect Storm Cape Pond Ice gear.  Its amazing how much stuff they have in stock, ready to purchase for yourself or someone that wants a gift with a local flavor theme.

Weathervane Cape Pond Ice Gear, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Lobstermen Truck Series- Joe Sanfilippo

Here is Joe Sanfilippo’s Chevy pick up truck.

Joe carries the normal stuff that skiff lobstermen carry in the back of their pick up trucks- fuel jugs, water jugs, covered fish totes to put bait in, some random buoys.

What you might also notice in the back of Joe’s truck are the dory oars and bench set up that he uses to train for the upcoming International Dory races. Joe is an avid rower and always a contender to represent Gloucester with his partner in the International Dory Races between Gloucester and Lunenburg.

He lobsters out of a 22 foot Eastern skiff after work at Gloucester Engineering and on weekends with his son Ryan.

Row Hard Or Row Home -International Dory Racing Sticker

This is a sticker on the back of Joe Sanfilippo’s Truck. The eliminations for The International Dory Races will be held June 7th at 8:30AM at Niles Beach. It’s a great time to grab a coffee and head over to beautiful Niles Beach to watch them compete. Bring the family and get into it, it’s local and a great way to get involved with the waterfront.  It  costs $50 to join up and use the Dorys located at Saint Peter’s Marina all year long. For more info check out their schedule and website.

Lobstermen Truck Series- Joe Sanfilippo

The back of Joe Sanfillipo’s Chevy pick up.
Fuel jugs, water jugs, a funnel, some buoys, fish totes with bait, and oars.
Notice the diamond plate rail caps which protect a lobsterman’s truck from abuse when stacking traps in their truck. If you slid traps up and down an unprotected truck rail it would get scuffed up pretty badly within the first day. With the diamond plate you can abuse it pretty good without damaging the rail of your truck.

Sig Hansen in Gloucester

It was a fantastic event.

The man was greeted with rock star status.  Families got together and listened as Sig answered questions and shared laughs.  When he went outside to smoke a cigarette, the throng followed him out and he graciously signed autographs, and took pictures with anyone that wanted one til every last person was happy.  What a great guy, a regular guy,  who took time and supported a cause for the children of Plum Cove School.  Thanks Sig.

Sig Hansen in Gloucester, originally uploaded by captjoe06.