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Does anyone remember when at the local Dunkin Donuts they had a little placard that stated “Tipping Not Allowed”? When did tipping for pouring black coffee became a common practice.

I’m a straight 20% or more tipper at a restaurant, but just don’t get tipping at a counter for coffee, especially when you’re simply getting a black cup of joe that you are expected to prepare yourself.

I don’t tip at a sub shop, I don’t tip when the guy fills my gas tank, I don’t tip when someone checks out my groceries, I don’t tip the person at McDonalds, Papa Ginos, Quiznos, KFC, Taco Hell, Burger King, or any other joint where the paid employee is serving me at a counter.

For service at a breakfast shop where I am seated the waitress/waiter gets the 20% plus and never less then 20% on the total bill including tax. I give whatever change I have under a quarter to the coffee counter tip jar, but still find it pretty ridiculous.

What really gets me is when there is a tip jar at Starbucks where they cringe at you if you ask them to put your cream and sweetener in. WTF dude, you just poured a cup of coffee FFS. You’re not clearing my table, bringing me refills, preparing my coffee a special way, bringing it out of the kitchen to where I am seated, or disposing my cup after I’m done! I’m taking the GD black coffee that you poured over to the station where I prepare it myself, and then leaving with the cup which I will dispose of myself. Oy!

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