Public Service Announcement- Don’t be the person who……..

Don’t be the person who wears one of those annoying bluetooth headsets.

I’m here to save you from looking like an ass hat.

My first experience with this evil contraption came about 4 years ago while on vacation in Naples Florida. I was bellied up to a tiki bar enjoying an adult beverage and taking in the gentle Florida breezes while watching the Sox on the TV behind the bar. Well wouldn’t you know that some self important prick sits down right next to me in too-tight spandex biking shorts with his gut peeking out of his sweaty, spandex, screaming yellow biking shirt. It was bad enough that there were 8 empty bar stools at this particular tiki bar and this ignorant SOB decided to park his sweaty ass directly next to me but what happened next was the topper.

This prick takes a business call on his bluetooth earpiece and is babbling away in a loud voice right next to me. Has this ever happened to you?

First off I’m there to relax. I just got away from my business, what makes you think I want to listen to you deal with yours?

Secondly it wasn’t even like he tried to speak in a hushed tone or step away from the bar, he was talking full bore right next to me as if I didnt exist.

Third they look STUPID!     News Flash buddy- YOU LOOK LIKE A DOPE WEARING THAT THING!

There are very few instances where I would say they are acceptable and none of them include the words vacation, tiki bar, social setting, or leisure activity. If you have a sales job and use one in a car while you are driving between sales calls, by all means use it. But FFS take the godamned thing out of your ear once you get out of the car or you will forever risk being ridiculed as the ass wipe wearing a bluetooth around town.

Thank you for listening to this very important public service announcement.

Bluetooth Douchebag

The above is not my image^^^^^^^^^^^^It’s something I pulled from the net.


  • People are ridiculous. Sunday I was in Cape Ann Coffee having breakfast with a friend and two guys were sitting together at the next table and BOTH of them were on cell phones yakking away — loud enough for everyone around them to hear.

    What idiots.


  • they call people who wear those things…bluetool!


  • Like the picture shows, it is the manly man who is having fin time with up to date gadget (which keep him in the head wagon of course) while is quiet and follow the boring conversation without comlaining like a “standard” woman should do. We are nor far from the stone age mentality. Except we got blue tooth. Even worse bluetooth wankers babbling around you. Welcome to the modern world.


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