New Feature- Where the Locals Go Coupon Spotlights

From the Sustainable Cape Ann website-

“Introducing a Coupon Book of Local Proportions (excerpts from the welcome statement)

Welcome to Cape Ann’s first Where the Locals Go! Coupon Book. Two local nonprofits, Sustainable Cape Ann and Cape Ann Business Incubator, have joined together to create this exciting new book.

Our objective is to encourage Cape Ann residents to support our local economy by purchasing more of the goods and services we need from locally owned businesses — ensuring that more of our consumer dollars are circulating and sustaining Cape Ann communities. Response to this initiative has been amazing, evidenced by the 100+ businesses that are providing thousands of dollars worth of discounts to community members through this book.

Coupon BookWe take our motto “Buy Local, Be Local, Think Local First” from Michael Shuman and the folks at BALLE (, namely that when we need to make a purchase, we simply consider first whether there is a reasonable local option.

We hope this book will be a resource for you to discover and re-discover our local business gems as well as an opportunity for you to connect with the friends and neighbors who add vitality to our community through their businesses.

Please keep in touch. Let us know what you loved — and what you didn’t — so we can improve the book for the next edition!

In the meantime, happy shopping and dining!

Alex Lamb & Erika Hansen

For feedback, contact: 978.281.1127


I’ll be occasionally highlighting one of the many coupons that will more than pay for the cost of this local coupon book ($10). What I find is if you actually buy the book at one of the participating stores and use the coupon on the spot you would actually pay for the book and then some right off the bat.

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