The LL Bean Adventure Conclusion


I’ve heard plenty of people say that LL Bean products are made better, and hold up longer than other similar clothing sold elsewhere.   While I find their stuff to be made well, I don’t find it to be made any better than work clothes makers like Carhardtt.  The only difference is that Carhardtt and other manufacturers work clothes can be had for much cheaper at places like Bob’s Stores.

The amount of the refund was for was for less than what I had paid for the turtlenecks and workpants but I wasn’t about to argue.

In the future, buying workclothes at LL Bean does indeed make sense, even if they cost 30% more, because if you put them through the rough work conditions at a place like ours, the return policy is fantastic.

For future purchases keeping the receipt makes sense so you get the full price on the refund.

One comment

  • Read the Bean guarantee – it’s on their web site. The refund is if you’re not satisified. From reading the story, the only thing you were not satisifed with is the price. If that’s truly the case buy Carhardtt at Bob’s.


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