LL Bean Adventure (or Misadventure) Part 3

LL Bean Burlington, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

So we get up the LL Bean store in Burlington and The Bean and Snoop Mad are snoring away in the back seat of the car.

The Mrs refuses to go into the store out of sheer embarrassment that I would dare try to return the tattered, stained LL Bean Gear. She circles off and tells me that she will meet me at the front of the store an a bit which also serves to allow The Bean and Snoop Mad extra napping time in the back seat.

I’m getting a bit of a queasy, guilty feeling about testing out this return policy that they have but that queasy feeling is tempered by the fact that they go out of their way to advertise this no questions asked return policy. The prices they charge are also about $30 higher than similar products sold elsewhere.

So my thinking is that they charge 30% more money for the clothing. If they get a small number of ridiculous returns, their business model allows them to eat those ridiculous returns because the money lost on those ridiculous returns is more than made up for by the increased sales they get from their advertising the “No questions asked” return policy.

Heart rate slightly more elevated than I’d like to admit while taking the escalator up to the return desk.

After waiting a short while behind some unruly toddlers in the return line I get called up to the counter.

Remember that “no questions asked” return policy?

She asked.

Part 4 coming at 3PM

One comment

  • i knew someone who used to go to yard sales and buy anything with an ll bean tag and then return it. and while i dont think thats what the return policy was intended for, they never gave her a problem about it. it has been my experience that they ask you what the problem with the item was because with some things they will offer to fix it if you would prefer that to a return. for instance, i had a backpack for about 4 or 5 years and it ripped and i loved it and they did not make that particular model anymore so i sent it off to them and it came back good as new!
    anyway… i love ll bean. i think they charge more because they have much better quality and they stand behind it.


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