LL Bean Adventure (or Misadventure) Part 4

LL Bean Burlington, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

So she asked.

The “No questions asked’ return policy is now officially in question in my mind.

“Did these items not perform up to your satisfaction given the amount of time you’ve owned them and use that you’ve got out of them?”

Now I’m confronted with a moral debate.

On one hand I could purchase the same exact turtlenecks or workpants for roughly 30% less elsewhere.

On the other hand working down the dock with the equipment we use and under the conditions we work aren’t exactly your everyman’s clothes wearing environment.

Let me state for the record that no matter she says to my response I do not intend to fight. If she says no friggen way, I’m walking away with my tail between my legs.

The trip up to LL Bean Burlington and the ridicule of my wife hang in the balance of the very next words that come out of my mouth.

Part 5 the conclusion at 5PM


  • For cripes sake, Joe, this is TORTURE!!! I have to wait another freakin’ hour and 38 minutes?!?!??

    Ever hear of the Geneva Conventions, man????



  • I hope you used the Mdse Credit already!!

    Some asshole is going to use the number right on the slip, for an online purchase..


  • Thanks Z.

    I just scurried away and got er done.


    What a dope I am.


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