LL Bean Adventure (or Misadventure) part 2

So the day starts out as any other day from May 1st to December 31 of any given year. Groundhog day.

Up at 3:50AM, shower, kiss the Mrs on the forehead and head to work. Hope for some decent light to take my dawn picture for the blog and then the usual grind.

Yesterday morning it was drizzling out so there would be no dawn picture for the blog and as it turned out there wouldn’t be many boats leaving the dock to go lobstering.

Frank and I did some clean up work during the morning but by 10:30 AM I realized that it was going to be a slow afternoon at the dock so I decided to take the afternoon for a family day.

I’ve had a hard on to buy a tree for the front yard for a couple months now and have been trying to figure out what type of tree will be just perfect. The problem with picking out trees is that the only days I usually get off are bad weather, rainy, windy days that you wouldn’t want to lug small children outdoors through a bunch of places like Corliss Brothers or Northeast Nurseries. I think we have the tree narrowed down to a Korean Dogwood or a Chanticleer Pear Tree.

Anyway I’m sorry to completely digress from the LL Bean story.

Back on track.

Tattered LL Bean Workpants

I have a couple of LL Bean turtlenecks and heavy dury workpants that I wear all the time for work. They have been used pretty extensively. They are torn, tattered and full of holes from the physical work that gets done around here (this ain’t no blue collar work son).

Since the new LL Bean store opened in Burlington I’ve been wanting to go see if they would take my beat up clothes for a return.

The Mrs is not a fan of this idea. She is embarrassed by the thought of going in and asking for a return on these stained, torn clothes. I told her that I heard that LL Bean takes anything back as a return if it has holes in it.

I put the two turtlenecks and pair of workpants in a bag and load up the kids to head to Burlington.

The adventure (or misadventure) begins.

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