Never Again Buy an Expensive Grill

I’ll only buy throw away grills from now on.

See this rotted flame tamer? There are four of them. I went to price replacement flame tamers for these rotted ones and they want $64.00 apiece for them.

I walked through Home Depot and Lowe’s looking at grills and most grills use the same type of guts. The kind that will all rot away within 4 or 5 years and need to be replaced. They’ll still look good on the outside, after 5 years but the insides will be all rotted away.

After my grill dies I will only buy cheap grills and use them as disposables, planning on having to replace them after a while but never being taken for the big up front hit.

One comment

  • hey Joe, I’ve had the same grill for about 10 yrs.. I have to rebuild it every 3 yrs at a cost of $50…thats 30 for the gas bar distributor and the rest for assorted parts like the lava rocks, etc. the trick to extending the life of the grill is to keep it covered to slow the pace of the rust. I’m with you on the cheap grills though. I paid 150 for great.


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