Don’t Be Fooled

I have been fooled once. Never ever again. Learn from my mistake.

Four years ago we splurged and bought an expensive stainless grill. Looks pretty, right?
Well looks can be deceiving because the entire guts of this expensive grill are rotted away except for the stainless grates. The ignitors, the bars that hold the burners in place, the flame tamers, all rotted to pieces. The original burners have already been replaced (luckily this was after two years and the manufacturer replaced them for free).

I notice at Home Depot and Lowe’s 95% or so of the grills they offer are the stainless variety. They will stay looking nice on the outside of the grill for a long time but there are more reasons than the guts rotting out rapidly why I would advise against buying a stainless outdoor grill.

The main reason is that the stainless steel grills really don’t hold the heat that well compared to those old heavy cast iron grills that we used to buy up until this latest stainless grill fad.

Ultimately you are buying a grill to cook the best food you can. If a grill that is made of thin stainless steel doesn’t hold the heat, then you are really buying an inferior product compared to a much less expensive, heavier, cast iron grill that will retain that heat to sear the meat and keep your steaks or chicken juicy.

Don’t be the fool I was and buy one because it looked pretty.

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