An Exercise in Futility-Answering This Question

Are you this person?

Are you the person in your relationship that asks the question “What do you want to do tonight?”

If you are, here are some tips as to not drive the person that you pose that question to, crazy.

If you already have something in mind as to what you want to do, just spill it.

Do not force the person you are asking “What do you want to do tonight?” to come up with 50 freaking suggestions all of which you are predisposed to saying no to.

Just freaking tell me what it is you already have made up in your mind that we are going to do, rather than make me wrack my brain trying to think of something original.

I’m easy, I’ll do just about anything.  So please for the love of god spare me the pain and anguish of being shot down on the 50 or so ideas that I might come up with.

Oh, and this goes for restaurants too.   If you feel like Mexican, just freaking say it.  PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, don’t ask me where I want to go for dinner and make me list off a litany of different dining establishments, only to be led by the nose after that exercise in futility to the Mexican joint.

Thank you- Joey

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