Segways at Liberty Tree Mall???

Does anyone else find this utterly ridiculous?

Like the place is so large that the pimply faced security guys actually need these things to get around?

Memo to Mall Management-

Save the dough spent on the Segway scooters, and clean out the scourge of humanity that hangs out there. I swear the Liberty Tree Mall is the muffintop capital of the United States. Not only is it the Liberty Tree the white trash headquarters of the North Shore, I swear it smells funny. Just walking through there to get to the movies I feel like I’m breathing scummy white trash disease infested air. ICK!

But hey, the Security dudes got Segways. They got that going for em!Segways at the Mall

One comment

  • You called him a Dude… He So isn’t.

    I’m just wondering if those Bad Boys have horns and megaphones on them, so when they are chasing The Trailer Park Princesses, everyone will know to get out of the way..

    as in Meep meep.. please get out of the way… Someone Stop the chick in the Winnie the Pooh sweats!!


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