City Hall Falling Apart

City Hall Falling Apart, originally uploaded by captjoe06.
I had no idea City hall was in as bad of shape as it is.  It highlights for me how out of whack things are as far as how underfunded the City is.

 You have to figure if there was money available, things would not have got as bad as they are.  The City is trying to do the impossible. I’d hate to be a councilor faced with making decisions like not spending money on City Hall repairs so they can fund basic city services.  They really are in a no win situation. 

When costs to the city like health care for it’s employees go up 20% a year while proposition 2 and a half insures that cuts to city services or infrastructure upkeep are on the table every time the budget is done.

The people that stop the revitalization efforts are squarely to blame.  What is needed is an expanded tax base and an enabling attitude instead of a stop progress attitude.

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