Blog Post about a Blog Post That References this Blog

Here’s a return shout out- HEYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

Life’s a Typo is a blog from a gal named Kalesy(never heard that one before).

She’s been blogging a long while and updates pretty damn frequently over the course of a couple years now. That shows a real dedication. I know because there are just some days where I think nah I don’t feel much like putting anything up.

Then I think about the random folks I meet on the street that say they look forward to reading my blog daily or seeing what pics were put up. Then there’s the emails from folks that have moved away and they tell me that they love seeing pics of places around town. That sort of stuff motivates me.

I know I’m not the most gifted photographer. My theory is shoot a bunch and then go through and hope you got a few right. If a pic isn’t exactly crisp but gets the point accross, I’ll generally still post it. My intention isn’t to be a famous photographer, it’s just to share and log my life the way I see it and present what interests me.

Kelesy wrote a nice entry about my little blog so I thought I’d return the favor and give her props for keeping at it like she does. I’m sure there are folks that look forward to reading her blog and click on a bookmark to it every day, hoping that she posted somethin.

Props go to you Kalesy!

(and a link in my blogroll)>>>>>>>>>>

Here’s another link for the few people out there remaining that don’t know that by clicking the highlighted text it will bring you the highlighted site-

Life’s a Typo Blog

One comment

  • Actually, I absolutely love reading your blog, as Gloucester is my favorite place to visit. I live in Montauk, so it’s hard to get there frequently, but many of your photos make me want to come back, so many familiar places. I love to see what’s going on when I’m home here in New York. Hat’s off to pictures of Woodmans, never miss out on their fried clams while I’m there. I’ll send some over that I have of Woodman’s.


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