The machine demonstrated here is supposedly a humane way to kill lobsters by stunning them with an electric current. How stunning them with an electric current is somehow more humane than any other way of killing a lobster is beyond me.

Some silly companies will rush out to purchase them so they can make their customers feel better about eating lobster because “THEY SAY” it’s humane.

LOL Bananaheads!

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8 Responses to Bananahead

  1. rob says:

    I guess until the Supreme Court makes their decision on lethal injection, we’ll have to stick with the electric chair!

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  4. Lobsterlady says:

    Hey Rob, Excellent comment. I laughed at that one. I’ll stick with boiling them.

  5. lukas baumgaertel says:

    Sara says ” He has been killing that same lobster all day long!”

  6. Kevin says:

    Leave it to the British to be so “proper.” Well, if they’re gonna do it proper then the bloody thing should be cooked, cracked and the meat all laid out nice and neat for me. And couldn’t the damn crustocutor melt some butter on the side for me as well?

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