Huge Mistake

Huge Mistake, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Don’t ever do this to yourself. Unless you have a gazillion dollars(and if you have a gazillion dollars you could buy a shiny new boat).

What I’m talking about is this big huge boat that some poor guy fell in love with. He probably got a great deal on it because it was in poor shape and said to himself that with a little work he could make this old boat new again. A dream many people have.

The problem that most people don’t figure on is the cost to tie these huge boats up, and the cost to renovate something this huge by the time you get done with it you could have gone out and bought someone else’s mistake that they already sunk way too much money into and will never recover.

I feel for this guy. As time goes on and he continues to make the dockage payments and dump incredible amounts of money into this beast he is gonna be scratching his head saying “what did I get myself in to?”

Or maybe hes a masochist and enjoys the inflicted pain that this type of project ends up bringing on one’s self.

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