The Organizer

A very good friend of mine stopped down the wharf this morning to tell me about his experience with this woman that calls herself “The Organizer.”

Last week he stopped by to explain how his house is in total disarray, his children and everyone leave crap all over the house and no one wants to do any chores. He told me about some elaborate system that “The Organizer” was going to put in place with rotating charts of specific responsibility for his children, wife and himself to do.

I was interested in the concept but skeptical that the whole plan would be more difficult to manage and keep on top of each person’s responsibilities than if you just did the work yourself.

Well the moment of truth was yesterday when “The Organizer” was supposed to show up. “The Organizer” was supposed to show up at 6:00PM. At 6:20PM when “The Organizer” still hadn’t shown up, his wife called her only to find that she forgot about their appointment. His wife asked “The Organizer” if her husband(my buddy) could have mistaken the time or date of the appointment to which “The Organizer” replied- “No, I simply forgot.”

Needless to say “The Organizer’s” services will no longer be needed.

Can you only imagine selling a service like that and then not even being able to keep an appointment?

What is wrong with people?

One comment

  • That’s pretty sad.

    I actually forgot a meeting with a client today, too, but she called me and I dropped everything and met her — luckily she knows me and knows I’m a Disorganizer!

    Thanks for the chuckle.


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