Day 2

Everything’s irie

 Havin fun with daddy.

Everyone got up at 5:30AM.  Nice.

Two diaper changes in Snoop Mad’s crib and then downstairs to get The Bean some breakfast.   Toast with peanut butter and raisins, 1 and a half slices (she likes daddy’s cooking).

1/2 jar of baby food for Snoop Mad and 4 oz of formula, no oatmeal.

Put on some Bob Marley and danced around for a half hour and put Snoop Mad down on the floor with her egg toys while I unloaded the dishwasher and made bottles for the day.

Picked up and got the Bean ready for school which went surprisingly well after I told her she could wear her crocs.

Snoop Mad took another monster dump and God only knows how the hell The Bean does such monster Mr Hankey sized craps, but she is pretty damn good at going to her potty on her own and taking off her jammies with the feet in them without making a mess.

We are kicking ass and taking names here!

Fun City!

One comment

  • Madeline looks like she is lovin her time with Daddy!!! You are doing a great job – I’m already planning my next weekend away!!!


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