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Winter Solstice Cape Ann Farmer’s Market At The UU

UPDATE: Cape Ann Winter Solstice Benefit Concert – Saturday Dec 21

L-R: Matt Leavenworth, Dave Mattacks, Allen Estes Wolf Ginandes photo: Renata Greene

L-R: Matt Leavenworth, Dave Mattacks, Allen Estes, Wolf Ginandes ~ photo: Renata Greene

Cape Ann’s top musicians come together this holiday season to celebrate the Winter Solstice and help raise money for Gloucester’s historic UU Meetinghouse Restoration Project.  Local legend, Allen Estes, is back with Matt Leavenworth on guitar and fiddle, Wolf Ginandes on bass and Fairport Convention founder Dave Mattacks on drums — all of whom brought us a magical night at the Larcom Theatre in October.

Sharing the stage with Allen and his band are some of Cape Ann’s top performers, from have a dozen genres, who come to celebrate the power of music to bring people together and lift our spirits.

Willie Loco Alexander & The Raztones
Fly Amero Gordon Baird
Inge Berge Charlee Bianchini
Ken Bonfield Dan King
T Max Michael O’Leary

Special Appearance: Gloucester Police Chief, Lenny Campanello sings Springsteen.

The entire concert will be taped for a Local Music Seen Christmas Special to be shown on Cape Ann TV.

Available at: Church Office
Liquor Locker
Online here
General Admission
$20 Advance
$15 Child/Senior
(under 12/over 65)
Reserved Pews
(online or call 978-525-9093)
$225 Center Pew Seats 12
$195 Side Pew Seats 10



SAVE THE DATE SAT DEC 21: Cape Ann Winter Solstice Fundraiser for UU Meetinghouse

Vickie and I are honored to announce a gimmeLIVE concert series beginning on the Winter Solstice, Saturday, December 21, 2013 to help the Gloucester UU Church raise money for Meetinghouse restoration, with the goal being that the Meetinghouse becomes one of Gloucester’s premier concert and performance venues. 

This is one of our City’s most cherished landmarks, it’s lantern steeple with a bell crafted by Paul Revere having guided mariners into port for over 200 years.  The acoustics are excellent and the Meetinghouse currently seats about 300 people.  One major goal is to renovate the balcony, which will increase capacity to 525.  More restoration info here.

We will feature top Gloucester talent in this very special holiday concert:

SavetheDate600Stay tuned to GMG for more details.  You know FOBs will hear it first!





The Winter Solstice occurs today, Friday, December 21st, at 6:12 am EST — the earliest Winter since 1896. The word solstice is derived from the Latin sol, or "Sun," and stitium, or "stoppage."

Wishing you a swell holiday season, packed with joy, peace, and a smidgeon of goofiness!

Tom Philbrook


Winter Solstice Tonight at 6:38 PM

Happy Festivus. Tonight at 6:38 PM the sun hopefully decides to turn and make the days longer beginning with tomorrow. But tonight we rest on the bottom of the analemma. (Remember the spelling by splitting Anal Emma.) The analemma is that figure eight drawn on globes to denote the sun passing through the sky all year.

Say what? Take me fishing off Rockport last October at dawn:

The dots represent where the sun is each morning at the same exact time, say 6:00 AM. This morning at 6:00 AM was very dark because the sun was at the yellow dot at the very bottom. The sun starts crawling slowly out of this hole tonight and by January 1 when we are jumping in the water the sun will be at the blue ball. Appropriately colored ball for jumping into 44 F water don’t you think?