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Diabolical New Coyote Defense Technique For Deer

Adapt or Die Baby.  Flat Out One Of The Most Brilliant Defense Mechanisms On Display I’ve Ever Seen. I don’t care how hungry that coyote is that’s creeping up on the deer.  Deer lets one rip like this and the … Continue reading

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Rollover On West Gloucester’s Magnolia Ave Video From Herb Wennerberg

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Canines up, Humans down! ~ Off Bray Street

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Little River

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C. B. Fisk tour

Last week, Rick Isaacs was kind enough to give me a behind-the-scenes tour of the C. B. Fisk workshop where he works.  They are internationally renowned pipe organ builders, and their facility in West Gloucester shows why.  I was really … Continue reading

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Stone Pier, West Gloucester

I caught this egret just as it was taking off. Lucky shot. To see more West Gloucester photos, click here. Thanks!         ~Sharon  

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Backroads of West Gloucester

Every couple of weeks my car seems to head away from the traffic and busyness of downtown. I love the stillness of West Gloucester – a step back in time. ~Sharon

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Series- Can You Date The Publication of This Old Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce Visitor Map- The Cape Ann Trail? Entire Map Part V

If you haven’t got it yet I can say without a doubt there is a clue on this page. FOB Frank Ciolino brought down this old Visitor’s Guide map and I’ll be posting a different neighborhood photo each day this … Continue reading

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Series- Can You Date The Publication of This Old Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce Visitor Map- The Cape Ann Trail? West Gloucester and Magnolia Part III

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Off Stone Pier in West Gloucester

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Nick Holland Asks- What Were These Used For?

Joey- I’ve found dozens of eye bolts set in outcrops or large boulders across Gloucester. This one (see attached) is from Dogtown. There are many throughout the woods of West Gloucester. Typically I find them at the top of the … Continue reading

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West Gloucester Walls

Every few weeks I find myself driving through the back roads of West Gloucester. A step back in time with winding paths converted to modern roads and rock wall property markers – a peaceful respite from the everyday world.  

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Little River Feeders

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West Gloucester

I find myself drawn to the beauty of West Gloucester when I’m wandering around Cape Ann.

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Frenchman’s Pier

Frenchman’s Pier, West Gloucester, looking at the Little River.

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Sunday in West Gloucester

I love taking rides through West Gloucester. When I drive onto Concord St. and take Lufkin or Bray, the stone walls marking property boundaries of the farms of years ago, the old homes so close to the road, the names … Continue reading

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