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WBUR’s Radio Boston 01930 Story Contest- Get On It!


Hi Joey,
I’m an avid reader of GMG (I discovered the site when I came back to live in my childhood home in Manchester – when I’m feeling particularly Gloucester-centric, I say I live in West Magnolia) and wanted to let you know that the WBUR show Radio Boston has a contest where people write stories about certain zip codes and 01930 is up for this week. The stories are due on Monday, but maybe you or some of the other writers who read GMG would be interested in entering.
Here are the details: http://www.wbur.org/2011/08/05/zip-code-stories-faq
-Allison Sigrist


1. How does this work?
Each month, Radio Boston will pick four ZIP codes in Greater Boston. Listeners are then invited to submit their original short stories and essays, which must take place in one of the four ZIP codes.

2. How long can my story be?
It should be no more than 500 words.

3. Must it be fiction?
We are accepting fiction and non-fiction.

4. Do I have to live in one of the ZIP codes?
No, your story simply has to take place in one of them.

5. Which ZIP codes are highlighted this month?
For the month of December, we’re featuring: 01930 (Gloucester), 02301 (Brockton), 02482(Wellesley) and 02131 (Roslindale).

6. When is this month’s deadline?
All stories for this round must be submitted by 10pm EST on Monday, January 9th.

7. Why ZIP codes?
This project is about place. We want you to tell us about your communities, and breaking down the Boston-area by ZIP code allows us to go deeper into specific towns, neighborhoods and villages. The ultimate goal: transport the reader through your writing.

8. How do I submit my story?
There are a few ways. Since we’re a radio station and an audio literary magazine, our favorite way for you to submit is by sending us a recording of yourself reading your story out loud. You can do this using Broadcastr, a social-media platform for location-based stories. Visit the Broadcastr website or use their iPhone and Android apps. Please make sure you tag your story “ZipCodeStories.”

You can also submit your story online here.

Or send it via snail mail to:

Attn: Zip Code Stories/Radio Boston
890 Commonwealth Avenue, 3rd Fl
Boston, MA 02215

9. What happens once I submit?
A panel of readers from The Drum and WBUR will read each essay and pick one winner.  This winner will be featured on air as well as online at wbur.org and The Drum.

10. I have more questions.
Please contact us via email: zipcode@wbur.org

11. Are there limits to what I can say in my story?
Yes. We will not feature material that is crude, obscene or hateful.

The GloucesterCast Podcast Episode 9



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In this episode- Patty Knaggs on WBUR, Abby Ytzen/Captain Joe and Sons seARTS Partner With An Artist Exhibit May 21st, Kenny’s Strange Footwear, community garden at Burnham field, tomato release day is coming up at Goose Cove, Gloucester reads poetry and Sawyer Free Library, Khan Studio/ Good Morning Gloucester Gallery on Rocky Neck, Kenny’s Real Estate Segment

Patty Knaggs on WBUR http://radioboston.wbur.org/2011/05/11/home-selling-market

Abby Ytzen/Captain Joe and Sons seARTS Partner With An Artist Exhibit May 21st

Kenny’s Strange Footwear, community garden at Burnham field,

tomato release day is coming up at Goose Cove may 25 http://www.goosecovegardens.com/

Gloucester reads poetry and Sawyer Free Library- Joey’s Poem Here

Khan Studio/ Good Morning Gloucester Gallery on Rocky Neck

, Kenny’s Real Estate Segment

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