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Leonardo’s Killer Family Deal $14.99 On UDine4Less

If you go on www.udine4less.com and print out the coupon for Leonardos you get this killer deal-

1 Large Pizza, 1 Huge Box of Chicken Fingers and a Large Salad for $14.99.

To tell you how much food there was, Ed and I couldn’t polish it all off.  There was a slice of pizza left and we didn’t even touch the salad.

Offer is good Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday

Leonardo’s- 273 Main St. Gloucester




Well as we head into the weekend, what better way then to give away more Gift Certificates. We have 2 $25.00 Gift Certificates for two North Shore Restaurants in Beverly and Salem. We are also giving away a 1 hour massage from Tammy Silveira Massage Therapy in Gloucester. NICE!!!!  After a long winter of shoveling, this would be a great treat!!!

Just click on the photo of the contest below to enter. You can enter once a day, and we will draw the winners at the end of the month.


Win a 1 hour massage!!!!

Italian Delight!!!

Home Cooking!!

Massage 4 Less

Not only do we bring you great deals from local restaurants, but we will also be bringing you great deals from local businesses. Today we bring to you Massage 4 Less from Tammy Silveira Massage Therapist. Tammy is an amazing Massage Therapist here in Gloucester Ma, and is involved in the Gift Certificate 4 Less program on Udine4less.com.  So not only do you get a fantastic Massage ( which I am sure is much needed ), but you can relax and enjoy the massage without breaking the bank. Call Tammy today and enjoy – Now taking appointments for Valentines day!

Click To View Tammy Silveira Massage Therapy Site and Purchase Gift Certificate 4 Less

Click to view Tammy's Massage Page

Comfortable Location - Click to view more


Good Morning Gloucester!!!!

I took a bit of a break while we worked day and night to bring you the next big thing in restaurant savings. We mixed this with that, we tried adding a bit of this without that, but it just did not work. Then a lightbulb went off!!!! What if we can sell gift certificates at a discounted price?? Our name does say “U DINE 4 LESS”. So we brought in the brightest minds from across the country, and worked tirelessly into the wee morning hours to finally bring to the dining public ( thats all of you) – GIFT CERTIFICATES 4 LESS!!!! Yes – we have added a program to Udine4less.com called Gift Certificates 4 Less, that will allow you to purchase a gift certificate to some of your favorite restaurants at a discounted price. How does this work you ask?

1. Go to www.udine4less.com

2. look for the “blue” Gift Certificate 4 Less button

Gift Certificates 4 Less Button

3. View the restaurants that are in the program

4. Click the blue button of the restaurant of your choice

5. Purchase a Gift Certificate 4 Less from the comfort of your home or office with your credit card

6. Print the Gift Certificate instantly

7. Enjoy your meal

There are 4 different options:

1. Purchase $25 and you will get $35 which means $10 FREE

2. Purchase $50 and you will get $70 which means $20 FREE

3. Purchase $75 and you will get $105 which means $30 FREE

4. Purchase $100 and you will get $140 which means $40 FREE

We are VERY excited about adding this new program, and would love to hear your feedback and questions. This program is sure to SAVE diners “mucho dinero”, and allow us all to dine at our favorite restaurants once again without breaking the bank.

We will be adding new restaurants to the program on a daily basis – so check back often to enjoy great savings.


The Red Skiff Restaurant is a family owned and operated business. The owner of the restaurant is Steve Salah. Steve and his family are long standing members of the Cape Ann community. You can plan on always seeing Steve, and members of his family there every day ready to serve you. As you may observe from their menu, there are numerous entrees for all tastes and budgets. They pride themselves in providing great service and serving consistent, quality, tasty meals at very reasonable prices. The Red Skiff has some GREAT coupons below, and is todays GMG deal of the day!

Click To View Menu

Click To Purchase Gift Certificate


Click To Print And Enjoy!


So with snow on the way at anytime, a great way too save your back and keep your toes toasty warm, is to get someone else to plow your lot or driveway. There is a great service right here in your backyard. A plow will come to our home or business ( depending on lot size of business ) and plow each and every time it snows. For a set price of $480.00 ( with the coupon below ) you can be plowed on every snowfall. Unlimited snow plowing – what a concept. It is pretty similar to an all you can eat buffet, but with snow. The company sits right here in Gloucester MA and is called Precision Snowplowing. Yes – this is the same company owned by Tony Carrao called Precision Roofing! Tony has snow plow services during the winter as an extension to his roofing company. I have spent some time with Tony over the last few years, and have seen the quality work and customer services that he delivers. So why break your back this winter – Give Tony a call and let Precision Snowplowing handle all your plowing this winter. Don’t forget, this would be a great gift for a family member or friend.







Russell’s Florist is a family owned and operated stand-alone brick and mortar business. Eric and Maria Russell are both natives to Gloucester and have lived and worked within their community their entire lives. With rich family roots in Gloucester, Russell’s Florist, leaves you with a familiar feeling of comfort each time you call or visit their store. With Eric’s artistic touch and Maria’s cheerful manner, you are sure to be satisfied whether you are ordering a simple birthday bouquet or planning your daughter’s Gala Wedding. Another great thing is….they have a coupon for FREE Delivery……So order your flowers today…..and say hello to Maria and Eric….





Happy Tuesday!!

There are a couple of guys that started a restaurant called the Gloucester Depot that sits across the street from the train station. These guys create great dishes and are two of the nicest guys I have met. I have ordered food here MANY times and used the great coupons that they have offered. Not only do they have three fantastic coupons, but they have specials everyday. One of my favorite days is $4.00 Large Sub night on Tuesday Nights. You can actually get a Large steak tip sub with cheese, peppers and onions toasted for only $4.00. Seriously – how can you beat that!! Below is the specials each week:

MONDAY – Small Cheese Pizza – $3.99

TUESDAY – Any Sub – $4.00

WEDNESDAY – 1/2 Off All Pasta Dishes

SATURDAY – Large Cheese Pizza – $4.99

EVERYDAY – 2 Large Cheese ONLY $10.99




PASSPORT To Your Tummy!!!!

Opened in 1995, Passports continues to be a local and visitor favorite, specializing in creative cuisine from around the world. Menu features include, popovers to start, local seafood, steaks, lamb chops, and international specialties. Passports is known for its fine dining in a casual atmosphere, along with the biggest selection of beer & wine on Cape Ann. I must say that I had the BEST Rueben Sandwich there ( I am not sure it is still on the menu, but it was fantastic!) Mondays deal of the day is a FREE appetizer at Passports!! Come on down and say hello to Eric ( he is the big boss ).








Gift Certificates

Need to purchase a Gift Certificate for a Birthday, Anniversary or Christmas Gift? Haven’t had time to get to the mall for a gift and the party is tonight? Is there a blizzard outside, and you do not want to go and find parking at the Causeway just to buy a Gift Certificate? Well…….You have come to the right place. Do you know you can purchase Gift Certificates to all your favorite restaurants from the comfort of your home or office on Udine4less.com. Its as easy as 1 – 2 – 3-4-5:

1. Log On To Udine4less.com

2. Find the restaurant you would like to purchase a gift certificate for

3. Click on the gift certificate logo

4. Enter your Credit Card info

5. Click the Link and Print your Gift Certificate

This is a feature that should make your life less stressful. Just for example, I needed a gift for my kids teachers last christmas, but did not have time to shop before the last day of school before vacation. I went to my computer, bought two gift certificates, printed them on the computer and put them in a card for my kids teachers. The great thing about it is you can buy them for any denomination that you like, with a minimum of 10 dollars. So keep this in mind with the holidays coming – its a great gift, and easy as 1-2-3-4-5.

LoGrasso’s Cafe Bistro

LoGrasso’s Café Bistro, an amazing Italian-American Eatery. Sound good..? If you’ve eaten here before then you know how special this place really is. If you haven’t then you must give it a try. LoGrasso’s is, and has been, family owned since 1987. Your chef for the evening and every evening is owner and proprietor, Sal LoGrasso himself. His homemade recipes will amaze and entice your taste buds, with secret ingredients only his mother knows, “and maybe his wife” who is also there night after night to welcome you to their bistro. LoGrasso’s serves an array of appetizers, entrees, specials, salads and home made sweets. So today LoGrasso’s is the GMG Deal Of The Day!

Click To View LoGrasso’s Menu




Udine4less_LOGO2So I Wasn’t sure if I was going to much of anything today, seeing how I was up late last night tossing and turning after watching the Patriots somehow give that game away last night to the Colts. I am not sure how many of you watched the game till the end, but WHAT THE BLEEP HAPPENED!!!!!! Ok, had to get that out of my system.

Anyway – There is a new restaurant in town called Roma Pizza and Subs down on the Boulevard. There has been a few restaurants in this spot the last couple of years, but I think that this one has a chance to stick around for awhile. They have a great menu as well as daily specials and soup of the day. The two owners are Pat and Ray, and they seem to fit right in. They have a Family deal that will feed the whole family, and the place is spotless. I am attaching a few deals so that you can give them a try. ENJOY!!!


GMG_Deal Alert






roma free soda


Why Not Bowl?

Udine4less_LOGO2Through my travels of finding and creating great restaurant deals, I have also found some other businesses in town that give a good deal or two. One of those businesses in town that gives a great deal is Cape Ann Lanes. I am not sure how many of you have visited Cape Ann Lanes since it has been revamped, but the new owner has done a fantastic job. It is a great place to take your family, or just head out for a night with friends. The fact that I can go bowl a few strings and have a beer is good enough for me. The repainted, added new features, and put in some fantastic wide screen screens. Truthfully in my eyes, one of the best alleys on the North Shore. And yes – we have a GMG deal alert. You can get a free string of bowling for all in your bowling party…..Check it out below.





Native Clam Plate $7.95? What?

Udine4less_LOGO2Ok, I wouldn’t of believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes. There is a new restaurant in town called Culina’s. They are on Washington Street where Trupiano’s use to be back in the day. A few places have come and gone, but the newest owner that has inhabited the building is trying something pretty bold, and from what i hear, pretty tasty. Dan down at Culina’s is offering a Native Clam or Scallop Plate for $9.95. Now wait a minute, thats not all. Dan has put up a coupon on Udine4less that will take an additional $2.00 off the price to bring it down to $7.95. Yes – I said $7.95 for Native Clams, Fries and Cole Slaw. As I am writing this, Culina’s is closed for the night, or I would have gone down and took a photo for GMG to behold. Right now, Culina’s is a takeout restaurant, but soon may add a few tables for dining in. I do promise to get a photo and post it here soon. In the mean time, looks like we  have a GMG Deal Alert!!!!


GMG_Deal Alert

Culina Coupon


Mexican Magic – Win a $50.00 Jalapenos Gift Certificate

Udine4less_LOGO2Well, Joe had mentioned we would be giving away some goodies, so why not start right now! Udine4less.com will be giving away a $50.00 Jalapenos gift certificate this month.



If you have never been to Jalapenos, well you should consider making a trip very soon. I have been there numerous times, and I always find myself ordering the Steak Gaonera. This dish is delicious! It’s a nice piece of steak smothered in two different cheeses and topped with a generous amount of guacamole.

The new addition that was put on a awhile back has really added to the atmosphere, and has provided much needed space and seating. If you plan on heading to Jalapenos, then check out the deal alert below:

GMG_Deal Alert



Please Welcome New GMG Contibutor- Frankie Gentile!

I’m bringing Frankie Gentile on board as a new team member.   Frank is the president of Udine4Less.com.

The purpose of Udine4Less is to highlight local restaurants and offer the user significant discounts to those restaurants for zip-zero-nada!

I see it as a win-win-win for GMG, Udine4Less and most importantly our GMG community (this means you).

Frank has also promised to run promotions and giveaways which also are going to be a lot of fun.

So join me in welcoming Frank when he starts posting this afternoon and look for his daily postings at 10:00AM Mon-Thursday!

Chickity Check It! -UDine4Less



Locally owned and operated Udine4less.com offers free discount coupons to over 100 local restaurants, plus on-line menus and gift certificates that you can print from your computer. Every day, you can enter contests to win $50 or $25 restaurant gift certificates.
When everybody else is raising their prices, Udine4less gives you a way do save money and discover some great local restaurants you didn’t even know existed. Check them out here: www.Udine4less.com.
Print your coupons and save. why wouldn’t you, right?
Unless you like flushing your money down the toilet or throwing it out the window print out and use the free coupons. Most every restaurant in town in represented including the pizza joints.