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Turtle Alley Opens AT 42 Rogers St Gloucester MA

Right Next To Topside Grille Check out their website here Turtle Alley Opens AT 42 Rogers St Gloucester MA VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL         Video Coming Later

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our first anonymous love note

turtle lover writes- Just heard that TURTLE ALLEY CHOCOLATES is moving to Rogers Street. This news causes my mouth to fill with saliva just thinking about Hallie’s unique, delicious chocolates! Thank you Turtle Alley for being there for us when … Continue reading

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Laurie Lufkin’s Inspired Cooking With Turtle Alley Proprietor Hallie Baker

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Hallie Baker Turtle Alley Day!

It’s all about the chocolate baby!  It’s that time of year- Chocolates on the table- chocolates as gifts-you get the drift.  Who doesn’t love a box of cashew turtles? Well today it’s all about Hallie Baker and her chocolates as … Continue reading

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Turtle Alley Chocolates and Recipes to use them…….YUM!

Hi!  I want to thank Hallie from Turtle Alley Chocolates on Washington Street in Gloucester again for her hospitality (and chocolate) and for taking us through some of what they do in a day in the shop.  It is amazing … Continue reading

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Turtle Alley Interview With Hallie Baker

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Hallie Baker – Proprietor Of Turtle Alley

If you are anything like the dozens of people I’ve heard complaining daily about how depressing the weather has made them then I have the solution. Head over to Turtle Ally and drown your crappy weather induced misery in some … Continue reading

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