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Brilliant Doesn’t Begin To Describe The Genius That is The Chum Cutter


Our buddy Stevie Corbett designed something so simple, so efficient so time saving for ANYONE that does ANY amount of fishing.  Unless of course you’d rather spend your time chopping up bait for hours instead of getting your lines in the water.


Can’t catch fish when your  lines are dry.

Check it out at http://chumcutter.com/

Filmed at Beacon Marine-

   Just $169.00   * 100% FREE SHIPPING *  for a limited time

bestcutterwknife DSC_0663

  • Cuts a 5 gallon bucket of bait in 3 minutes
  • Comes with 10″ Dexter Serrated Knife
  • Made out of Marine Grade Starboard Plastic
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • Portable, fits on any size boat
  • Made to last for years
  • US./EU.patent pend.

Don’t Forget To Watch Wicked Tuna Tonight at 10PM

Set Your DVR’s if you don’t get to watch it live!

Click the graphic below for the details-


SUN APR 15 10P et/pt
Tuna.com continues its winning streak, catching two fish in one day while the rest of the fleet struggles to even find a spot to fish in between the flocks of “googans”—the weekend recreational boaters who seem to make every bite go wrong. Desperate for a catch, Bill of Bounty Hunter starts doing some sleuthing, trying to crack Dave’s code in search of the secret that will bring him the fish—and the money

Video preview here-


Video From Brianmoc- Blue fin Tuna Fishing off Gloucester MA 9/28/11 Bluefin Tuna 76 inch Giant

Brianmoc writes-
Fishing Off Gloucester MA for blue fin tuna is becoming fun. This is the second Fish out of three trips but its not easy. The captain of this boat has been a quick study and thanks to that we got this 275 pound Blue fin that only took 50 min to get in. This shows the how to fish for blue fin tuna are way so in enjoy.

Nick Novello and Jeremiah Nicastro Rhumb Line Tournament Update

Nick Novello was kind enough to forward me a few pics of this tuna that Jeremiah Nicastro landed on 50 lb test and a striper rod.

Here is Nick’s update-

“We were in the Rhumbline Striper Tourney and only landed a 24 lb Bass.  We did get lucky on this 100+ pound Football Tuna However.
Jeremiah was on the rod, and I was on the wheel for an hour and a half on Saturday.  50lb Test on a striper set up, Shimano Baitrunner 6500 on a Penn Slamer 30-50 class rod.  It was quite the fight and a pretty cool to hoist it over the rail!