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Tommy Burns’ Arethusa Back Lobstering

Tommy has been doing engine work to the Arethusa all summer long along with other repairs.  He had been lobstering out of a lobster boat half it’s size which meant he couldn’t shift lobster traps the way a true lobsterman would to follow the lobsters around.  With a boat like the Arethusa you can put a good amount of gear aboard and shift teh gear according to what the lobsters are doing.

There’s a saying in the lobster industry I heard my father say when I was much younger but it has stuck with me.  There are “lobstermen” who fish the gear and move the traps around to maximize their catch.  Then there are “pot haulers” who simply dump the lobster lobster traps back in the same spots and don’t move the gear around to maximize their catch according to lobster movement patterns.

Tommy Burns is a “lobsterman” and he is now back to lobstering.