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C.B. Fisk Time Lapse Installation

Dear Joey, Fans of C. B. Fisk might be interested in the time lapse photography of our recent installation at Indiana University in Bloomington. It is an instrument we built in the 1980′s in California in a concert hall that … Continue reading

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Change and Conflict in the Gloucester Fishing Industry Featuring Wicked Tuna’s Dave Marciano, Lady Jane Skipper Russell Sherman

Molly Ferrill came down the dock last May. She also did a time lapse video from our dock which you can see below and went out lobstering for a day with Tommy Burns, the same Tommy Burns who took out … Continue reading

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High Speed Time Lapse Build of the Gloucester MA Lobster Trap Tree

Santa’s helpers were very busy today. Go full screen, crank it up to eleven.

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A less rough cut of the Duck Sister’s Rocket Propelled Tour of Cape Ann

I am posting this outside my normal posting schedule because of the unfortunate accidents occurring upon viewing the previous rough cut of this time lapse video.  Several keyboards have been damaged and Ejay’s birthday cake has spoiled some new birthday shoes. This … Continue reading

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Wind Turbine Transportation Time- Lapse Video From Jay Groccia

Jay Groccia from http://www.onsitestudios.com/   writes- Hi Joey, I was hired by Varian Semiconductor to produce a time-lapse documentary film of the installation of their wind turbine. I started shooting this week and I met Fred of Bodin Historic Photo … Continue reading

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Molly Ferrill’s Time Lapse From The Dock

The timelapse I did the other day was performed differently.  I took video footage, imported it into windows live movie maker and sped it up 32 times. Molly set her camera up using an intervalometer, taking lots and lots of … Continue reading

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Gloucester Harbor Two Hour Video Compressed to 90 Seconds From Famed Photographer Steve Borichevsky

Steves photography is up there with the best in G-Town, check out this cool video he made- and after you’re done watching don’t forget to check out the rest of his blog- Shooting My Universe

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Pretty Cool Time Lapse Video Of The Coast Guard Schooner Eagle

–A must-see time-lapse movie of the USCG Training Ship Eagle’s

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