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HAPPY SOLSTICE! From Thomas Philbrook

HAPPY SOLSTICE! Winter begins in the Northern Hemisphere very early on December 22, 2011, at 12:30 A.M. (EST). You may be dismayed by the fact that Winter is just beginning — BUT you can also rejoice in the knowledge that the amount of daylight we experience will be on the rise. Wishing you and yours a joy-packed holiday season!

Tom Philbrook




Thomas Philbrook Writes-

Yo Joey!
Thought you might want to post this on GMG.
Here’s a composite I made of most of the sidewalk chalk renderings executed by kids from six to sixty at yesterday’s MOTIF #1 DAY. Many thanks to all those hardworking souls who made the day the success that it was.

Click the photo for a larger view-


New Dawn On Main Photo From Thomas Philbrook

New Dawn On Main

An Autumn dawn on Main St., Rockport MA. I love the title of this pic — "New Dawn On Main" — because it has a two-fold meaning. Firstly, this photo compliments an earlier image of mine called "Dawn On Main" — pre-Shalin Liu. And secondly it eludes to the neighborhood prosperity many are hopeful for with the advent of the new Performance Center. Fingers crossed.


Ginormous Snow Man Challenge From Rockport

Hey Joey.

We just heard about a great snow man on School street in Rockport….also heard the snowman’s neighbor created an alligator in snow….perhaps this is happening everywhere and we’re just clueless.

Just did a drive by and the snowman is about 12-14 feet tall -it’s wonderful….amazing….

So…what about a contest in Rockport/Gloucester for the best snowman or snow sculpture? It’s the perfect winter for this – we all need a diversion! Or a snow festival? Perhaps we should take baby steps…with a snowman contest. Maybe a restaurant or two want to get involved and throw in a humble incentive?

Who knows? All I know is anyone who builds a 12  or 14 foot snowman should get some sort of recognition…OK – thinking of a name for this…the 2011 SNOW-DOWN….????

JoAnn S.


Enjoy your blog…

Thomas Philbrook sent in a pic of said Snowman-


Entries From The GMG Flickr Group

I somehow got sidetracked on the GMG Flickr Group and things have piled up.  Here are just some of teh amazing photos that have been added to the group in the past week.  To see the entire group click here for the Good Morning Gloucester Flickr Group.




Thomas Philbrook- Dawn At The Gazeebo

Thomas Writes-This gazebo lives on the western side of Front beach — our most popular little beach here in Rockport, MA.


Elinor Teele-Lane’s Cove




Hieclix-awesome sunset, gloucester ma


Cathy Tarr-Great Morning


Marty Luster

imageDeb Clarke-Little Mako

imageciabat AKA kevin


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