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Schooner Tesha Eight Years in the Making

Thomas Burnett and crew stopped at Sugar Magnolia for breakfast during their visit in Gloucester, they are on a trek from Halifax NV to Corpus Christi Texas. Check out their website for the eight years in the making http://www.schoonertesha.net/ also Twitter https://twitter.com/schoonertesha/media

The SV Tesha is anchored off Ten Pound Island.

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Ten Pound Island From Bill Hubbard

Hi, Joey,
Ever since I posted my rant about Google’s placing of the first Coast Guard Air Station at Harbor Look rather than on Ten Pound Island, I’ve heard from a number of your readers. 
There seems to be a lot of questions over which came first;  The US Fish Hatchery or the Coast Guard Air Station?  My picture attached is a coast guard photo of the island taken in 1900 just a year after the Fish Hatchery was established on the east end of the island.  The hatchery buildings and lighthouse buildings are as they appeared at that time which was 25 years before the US Coast Guard established Air Station Gloucester on the Island.
I’ve tried to find more information about the fish hatchery but details are lacking.  All I can establish is that they raised fish from eggs brought to the island by research vessels and some contracted fishing vessels.  I remember being told they raised Cod from eggs and also Lobsters from eggs but can’t seem to find the details.  Even though it was over 100 years ago, it’s amazing how much old data and pictures keeps making it’s way to Google.  I did find a Google Book with a great picture of the Air station from a post card but cannot figure out how to copy or print it.
Bill Hubbard

Ten Pound Is. 1900

Bill Hubbard Has A Beef With Wikipedia Over The Location Of The First Coast Guard Air Station

First Coast Guard Air Station was established on Ten Pound Island – But Wikipedia has the wrong location

Hey, Joey,
Most of us know that the first US Coast Guard Air Station was built on Ten Pound Island in Gloucester Harbor but the know-all be-all online encyclopedia, Wikipedia has it wrong.  They wrongly state that the present Coast Guard Base on Harbor loop was built on the site of the first Coast Guard Air Station.
I’ve attached a picture of the first plane stationed on Ten Pound Island and of the fist Base Commander and Pilot to fly that plane.  The two early Coast Guard aviators, pictured together in their flying gear on May 5, 1927, established the first successful U.S. Coast Guard air unit on Ten Pound Island, Gloucester, Mass., in 1925, using one Vought seaplane borrowed from the Navy.  From left are Commander Carl C. von Paulsen who commanded Coast Guard Base 7, Gloucester, and the attached air unit (January 1925 to May 1928); and Ensign Leonard M. Melka who acted as pilot and mechanic. 
I’ve asked Wikipedia to correct their error but,,,don’t hold your breath….There are several Coast Guard websites which will veryify that information including: http://www.uscg.mil/history/webaircraft/USCGAviationHistoricPhotoGallery1916-
Bill Hubbard


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This Is Gloucester Joey C Black and White Series Ten Pound Island

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“Art, Rocks!” 03.27.2011

Thanks to my Son Chris for dropping off the “Art, Rock” this morning. At this moment he’s watching the time on His Ipod. At exactly 10am He will release the Rock where he was instructed to do so. Here are a few Photos. Sorry about the out of focus Rock photo. It’s hard doing things with only your left hand when your right handed.