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STOP THE MFing Presses! The Franklin Is About To Go Live With A New Sushi Menu!!!!!!

FREAKIN PSYCHED!!!!! Franklin Cape Ann An exclusive sneak peek at our new sushi menu We are SO excited to announce that we will soon be adding a brand new sushi menu at Franklin Cape Ann! But before we officially launch … Continue reading

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Midori, my favorite oriental restaurant

A few months ago, Midori Chinse and Japanese bistro (32 Washington Street) started hosting an “Artist’s Cocktail”, 8-11PM on Wednesday nights (live music by Henry Allen and the New Swingset, as well as by guest artists; plus other things like poetry and … Continue reading

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Sushi Bar at the Madfish From Fred Bodin

Fred Bodin submits- Last week Janet and I parked ourselves at the Madfish Sushi Bar. It had a view of our two professional sushi chefs and Smith Cove. Our appetizer was a dozen Pemaquid (ME) oysters, which were new to … Continue reading

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Listen To Me Right Now. Drop What You’re Doing. Run (Don’t Walk) To Madfish. Belly Up To The Sushi Bar And Say This Word:

Omakase. The greatest sushi chef in the history of sushi chefs will understand that you want him to create the most interesting, tasty, orgasmic presentation of sushi you’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. Listen to me. I’m not joking. … Continue reading

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Fish On Fridays- Saturday Edition From Kathy Chapman

The Fish on Fridays series is a collaboration between Gloucester photographers Kathy Chapman and Marty Luster. Look for various aspects of Gloucester’s centuries-old fishing industry highlighted here on Fridays. This week we have interviews with sushi chef Jordan Rubin from … Continue reading

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Did You Know? (National Sushi Day)

That June 18th is National Sushi Day?  There is no other place to be on June 18th than Madfish Wharf for their amazing sushi.  But you don’t have to wait until the 18th.  Go to Madfish Grille any time (Tuesday … Continue reading

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Let the Fun Begin!

Here we have Joey with treenails sticking out of his ears.  Treenails were used in ancient shipbuilding to secure the planks of the boat, and are still used today by builders like Harold Burnham at Burnham Shipyard in Essex on … Continue reading

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The News from Madfish Wharf

Well the time is here, in spite of recent frosty days and nights.  A new season is upon us and lots of great things are planned this year on Madfish Wharf, starting this Thursday.  Have you been salivating for some … Continue reading

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It’s a Good Day For Half Off Sushi and Seafood At Lat 43 $15 for $30

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There should never be an open seat at the Sushi Bar at Madfish

If you haven’t tried the sushi at Madfish yet you only have a little while before it’s over for the season.  I highly highly recommend that you do.

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Christmas Sushi!

Some closeups of the sushi provided by Latitude 43 for the GMG Christmas party last Saturday. It tasted as good as it looks! This, like all the other food and beverages provided, was fantastic!  And the conversation was even better. … Continue reading

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Lat 43 Sushi Platter

Check Out The Latitude 43 Webcam at http://www.gloucesterwebcam.com

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Madfish Grille Does Sushi- It’s True!

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KAME Spicy Tuna Roll

Way better than the last time I went to KAME (about 6 years ago)

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$25 All You Can Eat Sushi At Lat 43 Wednesday Night

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Lat 43 Sushi

I swear I could eat sushi for breakfast lunch and dinner.

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More Lat 43 Sushi Pics

  David can eat.  i don’t know where the old bugger puts it but he can put it away!

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