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Eric Lorden Interviews Missy Hart From Sugar Mag’s

Missy said the only way I could air this is if I put in the disclaimer that Eric is an asshole.

So there you go-

For the record Missy had no disparaging remarks for the judges of the good Morning Gloucester Holiday Cookie Contest.  This is Eric trying to create a controversy that simply did not exist and Missy was most gracious in defeat.

News To You- Sugar Mags Breakfast All Day

After speaking with Missy from Sugar Mag’s yesterday morning she informed me that they will be offering breakfast all day on Saturdays and Sundays.
Remember those days in college when you would get hammered on Friday and Saturday night?  You didn’t want any lunch, you wanted a big greasy breakfast damnit!  Cheers to Sugar Mag’s for offering the good stuff all day on the weekends!

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