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One Inch Baby Lobsters Filmed and Released Video

99.999% of folks never get to see what these tiny creatures look like at this stage of their development.  We filmed the ones that came up in Toby Burnham’s aboard the Jupiter II traps and then released them to live … Continue reading

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What 99.9999% Of Bostonians Never Get To See- Bity Baby Lobsters

Click the images for full sized versions-Video tonight Toby Burnham aboard The Jupiter II brought them in and released them after we photographed them. To see all the different mutant lobsters including albino ones, blue ones, yellow lobsters, speckled lobsters … Continue reading

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Ginormous Barnacles Landed At Captain Joe and Sons Video

I just love that the word ginormous has officially been added to the dictionary, don’t you? For more pictures and videos of strange stuff landed at our dock you can check out these slide shows- Freaks Of The Lobster and … Continue reading

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The LARGEST Barnacles I’ve Ever Seen IN All My Years At The Dock

I never knew there was a fleshy animal living inside the razor sharp barnacle enclosures.  Tuffy brought this cluster of barnacles that had grown around a black fishing net float. In many of the pictures I included a quarter so … Continue reading

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