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Cooking For The Feast Of St. Joseph


Late Night St. Joseph Bread Making With “Godmother Sefatia”


group bread photo

Last night “The Godmother of Gloucester Sefatia Giambanco Romeo Theken,”,  and her cumnares, Giovanna Margiotta, Maria Cannavo, Pierina Locontro, came over to my house to make the decorative St. Joseph breads for our altar, at 10:30 after  Maria Cannavo, and I  both finished hosting our nightly our St. Joseph novena prayer service and coffee time.


Maria Cannavo hand crafting the ” Viva San Giuseppe”


We even found some time to sing a few rosary songs while the bread baked in the oven



Shaping the bread is a true art, but Read more

The Linquata Family St. Joseph Altar From The 40’s

PrintDolores Sheehan shares~ Linquata family in the 40’s celebrating St, Josephs at 55r Main St (now the Dogbar Parking Lot)

Linquater family altar Dolores

Dolores, thank you for sharing this  beautiful photo with GMG !

The Linquater Family is a perfect example of a Sicilian Family here in Gloucester who is known to keep up family traditions throughout the year, for many generations. I have been blessed to attend many of their celebrations over the years

Old St. Joseph Altar photos are so much more than just old photos. They are priceless treasures, tangible documents, which link us back to the roots of this cultural tradition that our ancestors started many generations ago. Each photo depicts volumes of family stories and shared times together.  Yesterday while driving in the car with my twins, the topic about the importance of keeping tradition came up. My son asked me “Mah why is it so important to you to keep up the traditions that your grandparents kept?”I took a moment to gather my thought, in how to best give an example that they’d forever remember… Read more

St. Joseph Noveana 2014 Kickoff Night



I said it before and I will say it again, some of my fondest memories growing up were the times spent with family and friends celebrating the Feast Of St. Joseph.  Last night was amazing!  Two of my biggest mentors surrounding the Feast of St Joseph came to lead us in prayer last night at our family altar. Thank you Rosalie Foti & Sefatia  Giambanco Romeo Thaken,  for making the night extra special. Having you, Marie Silva, Jen Anderson, Ann Margaret & Francis Ferrante all in at the same altar was truly a gift . What a great warm up for the official start of the 9 days of nightly novenas beginning tonight  at 7:15.  It truly was a night that all who attended will always remember. 


Coffee Time with “The Godmother Sefatia”…If the photos could talk….



Thank you Parina~Godmother for making us laugh  you have a heart of gold and we all adore you!

I especially want to thank my dear friend  & GMG Contributor Craig Kimberley for filming last night…I’m sure he will be posting his amazing photography from last night on GMG soon.


GMG FOB Dave Moore Shares A Beautiful St. Joseph Prayer Song


St Joe

Huge GMG FOB Dave Moore writes~Dedication for all!
That’s great smile dedicated this to you and entire group the love and gift of sharing – Where we find solace

God Bless!

Dave &  Kim

Sista Felicia ~  Dave attached a YouTube video about The Feast Of St.  After watching it several times last night, I knew I had to share it with the GMG community today. Take a moment to read the  beautiful story about the miraculous ways of St. Joseph’s. It brought tears to my eyes, and the Prayer of St Joseph, sung by Angelina song will be added to our St. Joseph prayer/song books this year.

Prayer of St Joseph, sung by Angelina


For Story about Video and copy of The Pray Of St. Joseph  written in Sicilian taken from the pages of our St. Joseph Novena Prayer book click see more Read more

St. Joseph 2014 Preperations Officially Begin Today At Sista’s House

PrintFor some the month of March made be viewed as cold and dreary month, but for Sicilian  families carrying on the traditions surrounding the feast of St. Joseph, it is a month of prayer, family, fun, food, and celebration! Today, my mother Pat, daughter Amanda and I will work together in assembly line fashion, carrying dozens of saints from the “Vetrina” (China cabinet) to the kitchen sink where each will be carefully washed, dried, polished, and  lined up on the dinning room table awaiting tomorrow’s scheduled alter set up. Friends and family will gather tomorrow afternoon  to erect our Families 2014 St. Joseph alter.  This traditional gathering, marks the official beginning off the 2014 Feast of St. Joseph Novena Celebration at our home.

Viva San Giuseppe!

st joseph 2013 003

For more photos of last years 2013 St. Joseph festivities click here Read more