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Update Don’t Buy My Camera for $275 It’s available for slightly more than that online Selling My Camera The Sony HX9V

I posted this last night after checking the price on Amazon- Here is the camera I’ve been using to take about half the shots for the blog this past year.  It is retailing for $379 on Amazon right now new … Continue reading

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Red Rock Canyon Panoramas and More

I’ve gone to Vegas for years but rarely leave the Strip.  My usual Vegas trip is not what people envision when they think of Vegas.  I hardly gamble but spend most of the time at the spa chilling out in … Continue reading

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GMG Tech Talk- Understanding Cameras and Joey’s Camera Recommendations

Not every camera is right for every person.  There are always tradeoffs in the balance of price, camera size and weight, image quality, video features, zoom length, ect. Above all else in my opinion I feel that the old saying … Continue reading

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View From Captain Joe and Sons Panorama 12/3/11 Taken With My Sony HX9V

Click the pic for the full sized view I love my little pocketable HX9V and all the tricks it has up it’s sleeve. It’s come way down in price since I bought it this summer to $299 Check it out … Continue reading

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Cynthia Hill Shows Off Some of Her First Photos From The Sony I Recommended For Her

Cynthia writes- Thanks to Joey…… Love it, still haven’t a clue but will have fun learning… Please see attached – shooting directly into the sun shows the curvature of the earth! How cool is that? Great of David as well!!! … Continue reading

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Fishin’ Panorama Taken at The State Fish Pier

Loving the panorama feature on my new Sony HX9V.  Click pic for larger view. Easy at putting it on panorama mode, pressing the button and sweeping in the direction you would like to take the panorama.  Even a dope like … Continue reading

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Miss Fern On The Rocks At Eastern Point Panoramas

Click photos for full sized panoramas.  Have I told y’all yet how much I love the new camera?  The Sony HX9V, 16 times zoom, killer video, panoramas in camera HDR processing and it slips right in my pocket!  The thing … Continue reading

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