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Rocky Neck Gallery: Skip Montello & Tom Robinson-Cox

rngSkip Montello & Tom Robinson-Cox are exhibiting photography at the Rocky Neck Art Gallery starting tomorrow, Wednesday, August 14 for three weeks. But don’t wait, or at least, don’t miss the artist’s reception this Friday from 6-8PM.

Click the Rocky Neck Art Gallery Banner above to go to the Gallery Website for details or the artist’s names to go to their sites.

Fun Fact from the gallery website: You have walked by 55 Rocky Neck a million times but did you ever wonder why the building looked like that? The Answer: Those shingles are Russian stamped steel painted with copper boat bottom paint.

Another Fun Fact: the name of their exhibit is “Ice Cold: Natural Extracts”.  Now if you were going to have a reception on a Friday night (6-8PM) in August with a name like that you might expect some nice cold natural extracts, maybe a pitcher of Margaritas or even martinis so cold you have those little flecks of ice floating on top? (Just thinking out loud here.)

North Coast Angler Fishing Report From Captain Skip Montello

Fishing Report: 7-12-2013

This week’s fishing report is much like last weeks in that the best Cape Ann fishing was again inside the Gloucester Harbor with numerous bait blitzes throughout the week. The stripers are chasing schools of mackerel, small herring and now some small squid have been reported. The other bright spot has been bluefish showing along the back shore, especially early mornings. There has been some good striper action reported at both ends of the Annisquam as well. Early morning action with topwaters and cut bait during day.

At Plum Island, the stripers are running and gunning the school of herring up and down the entire length of the beachfront. So persistence and good eyesight will be the key to finding them on any given day. The striper action at the river mouth has been waning as the remaining stripers are keyed in on the abundant sandeels and are a bit difficult to coax to a fly or other baits. The flats are still producing some night action on eels but during the day, only a few dinks can be found up on the flats. Daytime water temperatures on the flats are approaching 80 degrees, not striper friendly.

Best bets this weekend are Gloucester Harbor at the beaches and rock fronts at the Castle.The Manchester,Magnolia Beaches, Crane Beach in the deeper water and Plum Island beach. Watch the birds… they’ll show you where!

Reid and Miriam with two nice stripers taken with topwaters along Plum Island

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North Coast Angler Fishing Report 7/5/13

Fishing Report: 7-5-2013

I only got out fishing just one morning this past week (at Plum Island) so I don’t have a whole lot of intel to pass along. This is what I do know;
The Cape Ann fishing is settling in to its usual summer pattern with the best bite happening in the mornings. Gloucester Harbor continues to fish fairly good along the various beaches and a few anglers are taking some big fish outside the harbor at the Woe and groaner. Best bait continues to be live mac’s. Some big blues are also in the mix here and there but not big numbers as yet. Steve P and Brianmoc reported spotty action around fishtown and at Rockport, however Brian and buds had a few good mornings at Crane with one big striper pushing the tape beyond 45 inches. So plan on shifting gears to full on summer pattern; mornings with live bait or tossing plugs at the beaches.

The Merrimack and Joppa are running really stained and foul as last week’s torrents are flowing brown on the flats and at the mouth. We did manage a few dinks on the flats Tuesday but had our best luck running and gunning the beachfront with topwaters. A few guys were taking some quality fish drifting live or dead mac’s on the dropping tide at the mouth. I have also heard that the night shift anglers are starting to get some action at the tide top drifting eels on Joppa. So indeed the summer pattern is taking shape there as well. That’s all I got!

Dave B with a quality striper taken using a topwater

Matching the hatch with the abundant sandeels

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North Coast Angler Fishing Report 5/24/2013 From Skip Montello

Fishing Report: 5-24-2013

Sorry about the weekly fishing report being late, as I’m just back from Abaco, Bahamas (@ 1 this morning) hunting bonefish and tangling with big ‘Cudas, huge Mutton Snappers, and the shark that ate half of the biggest bonefish of a lifetime; estimated at 34 inches and 12 pounds!

Abaco Fishing

Capt Al reported that the Merrimac and Joppa were alive all of last weekend as solid numbers of stripers were chasing tons of herring. The guys that got out to fish were well rewarded as stripers pushing 40 inches were mixed in with schoolie sized fish. Flies and soft plastics were the hot baits. Meanwhile, Cape Ann enjoyed some very good backwater fishing at the Candy House, Jones Creek and at the Essex Greenbelt areas. Most of the stripers were schoolies, but few fish in the mid 30 range were also taken. Steve P. was taking his fish with the jumping minnow, skitter pops and plastics on a jig head. Brian also did OK with fish at Crane but the Essex backwaters slowed as the rains fouled the water quality, best baits were topwater JM’s and the MD sandeel.

Video from Brian featuring Matt A. two weeks past

Rocco with a nice Essex backwater striper

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North Coast Angler Report From Skip Montello



North Coast Angler Report From Skip Montello

Fishing Report: 5-17-2013

Brad Sudbay with a freshly caught keeper 5/12/13

With warming temperatures finally here, the striper migration continues to build in both size and numbers throughout the greater Cape Ann area and to the north at Plum Island and the Merrimack estuary. The stripers are ranging in size from as small as 10 inches to some over 30 inches. The stripers are hitting just about any type of bait including flies, metals, jigs, soft plastics, swimming plugs and topwater twitch baits. The Little River at the Candy House has been producing stripers throughout the tide cycle, but best at the tide top and drop. The Essex River backwaters are also producing stripers for those who know their way around. There is tons of bait in the area that include herring, peanut bunker, alewife in the backwaters. Some squid and mackerel are also showing up in Gloucester Harbor. And by all reports, the fishing should steadily improve throughout the remainder of the month as lots of positive reports continue to come in from many locations to the south of Cape Ann. Stripers are also showing in good numbers at the mouth of the Merrimack and are also pushing upstream in hot pursuit of herring and shad; I won’t be surprised if they begin to be caught at the Great Stone Dam in Lawrence. Also the shad run is off the charts excellent with more and more fish entering the river; I heard one report of catching as many as 20 fish per hour just below the dam at Lawrence.

If you haven’t already heard, the past week has produced a few fifty plus pound stripers at RI and New Jersey. If you are a FB fan, be sure and "like" the On The Water page for daily fishing posts.

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GloucesterCast Podcast 4/26/13 With Guest Brianmoc

GloucesterCast Podcast Taped 4/26/13 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Brianmoc

Click to listen- With Host Joey C and Guest Brianmoc

Topics Include: Web Design For Mobile, Being A Local Politician, Local Gas Prices, Self Serve vs Full Serve, Flanagan Square Gas Station, Skip Montello

Check Out www.brianmoc.com


Besides GMG the one blog I have to check out on Friday is Skip Montello et. al. at the North Coast Angler website. As we work into the summer doldrums of striped bass and bluefish a good read is the North Coast Angler Friday fish report. Social Media is covered well here because right near the top you can click on Twitter @captskipnca and Facebook @North Coast Angler for up to the minute advice on how to keep your line wet and tight.

Click the fish. Hmm, come on, I want a new report. Any minute now.

Skip Montello Magic Ice

Hi Joey,

Winter is waning and the warm winds are closing in on the remaining thin ice at Flat ledge producing a magical quarry wall reflection on the wet ice and as well, a view of the granite blocks just beneath the surface…here today and gone tomorrow.


PS. Nice work with the Dodge Ball competition!

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