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One Found, One to Go!

One of the Rocks I Sketched on and left on Pebble Beach was Found. Here is the Email I received;

“Cool, Found your Rock.. What a Great Idea! Love it! Keep it Up! Found on Sat. 3/27″

I was surprised with the nice  emails I received commenting about it. I thought it was a little Silly. But I guess you never know what will interest some people. Maybe because it’s FREE?

There is still one  left.  It was left on a Barrier Rock not far from the one that was found at Pepple Beach in Rockport.

It’s a little smaller than the one that was found. If anyone finds it and would like their photo on GMG just give me an email, It’s on the Rock. GOODLUCK?

Look for some more Art Rocks Strewn about Gloucester Soon.

I need a Name Like Sharon came up with for her game Where’s ZAT.  Hmmmm how about Find ZIT? Maybe Not.

message on a rock, I did'nt have any Bottles Handy.


The Location where it was Found. The other one is a few rocks down from this one.