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Shewsberry and Frankie Ciolino Bring The Most Beautiful GMG Stickas To Date

Iridescent metallic blue  O M G!!!!!! There are only a handful of these bad boys. Holy canoli batman.  These brought a tear to my eye.

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Jane Gibbs, Linda Colman and Her Brother Bill Heckenkamp represent With FOB Frank Ciolino and Sticka ver 6.0 and 7.0

A very limited run of new GMG stickas versions 6.0 and 7.0 have hit the dock courtesy FOB’s Frank Ciolino and Shewsbury. The innovators that they are produced transparent stickas for use on windows or boats.  One is transparent with … Continue reading

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Bag ‘Em and Tag ‘Em- Da New Stickers Version 5.0 Are Ready!!!

WoooHooo!!!!  Much thanks To FOB’s Frank Ciolino and Shewsberry for making our Beth Swan Logo Designed Version 5.0 STICKAS!  Navy Blue With The Grey Wing PURE AWESOMENESS! Send in those SASE’s to get yours free or better yet swing by … Continue reading

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In Production: Da Sticka-Fifth Edition

The first color has been laid down! Frankie Ciolino and Shew have been putting in extra hours to get these bad boys done!

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Coming Soon……New GMG Stickers Series V

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Ohhhh Yeah BOYYYY!!!!!! New GMG Stickas Are In!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Frank Ciolino and Shew we gots new Two Color Gloucester High Maroon Homie GMG Stickas!!!!!! Shew surprised us last night with them. Here’s Bree at Stone’s Pub Representing! To get yours- Free GMG Gloucester Sticker As long as … Continue reading

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Shew Brought Down An Egg Ham and Cheese Sandwich From Morning Glory

FOBs (friends of the blog) Shew and his son Brian brought down a tasty egg, ham and cheese breakfast sandwich from Morning Glory last weekend which was much appreciated! A big shout out to Shew’s son Brian, a hard working … Continue reading

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