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International Dory Races Saturday

International Dory Races Saturday

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Don’t miss the International Dory Races in Gloucester ’s Inner Harbor this Saturday, June 21st from 10 AM – Noon.  See the American teams battle the Canadian’s for the International titles in Juniors (men 18 & under), Mixed Doubles, Women, and Senior (men open).  The races are best viewed from the Jodrey State Fish Pier or the park at the head of the north channel.  What a great opportunity to bring the whole family to see Gloucester ’s historic seafaring past in present day competition on our beautiful waterfront.  You may know some of our competitors:

Juniors: Tyler Edmonds /Thomas Beaton

Mixed:  Jimmy & Laurel Tarantino

Women:  Amanda Palazzola/Lindsey Rogers

Seniors:  Mike Mitchell/Vito Giacalone

2011 Saturday Final Greasy Pole Walk- Portraits From The Pole

This is one of my favorite posts of all time and I owe it all to Peter Black Frontiero who granted GMG access to get on the Greasy Pole and Adam Bolonsky who captured the video footage perfectly for us.

I spent all morning pouring over every second of video footage to take these screen shots.

The pictures show the heart, strength, passion and determination of the warriors who put it all on the line in the quest for Greasy Pole Glory.


More videos coming all day long-

What’s your Saturday look like?


Some people have certain chores or errands they do every Saturday. They do laundry, banking, baking, shopping, visit a relative, etc. Others wing it. Usually that’s what I do.

It depends almost entirely on the weather. If it was warm and sunny today, I would have taken a short bike ride after breakfast. Or go out and look for signs of spring with the camera.

But since today’s kinda iffy, I think I’ll go down and see the Charlie Lowe photography exhibit at the Cape Ann Museum. It’s free on Saturday mornings for locals. Then visit my Mom for a while. I also want to go look at mountain bikes. But I’ll have my camera with me…just in case.

So what are your plans today? Are you a routine person or do you go with whatever comes up?