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Today! December 7, Santa arrives at 3:45PM and the tree lighting is at 4PM in Dock Square.

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Rubber Duck spends Ten Minutes on the Lobster Trap Christmas Tree

Rubber Dock got this whole Lobster Trap Christmas Tree done in ten minutes this weekend. Spent three minutes on Saturday and seven minutes on Sunday. Hard work and still made it to the Patriots kick off.  

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Stuck in the Middle with Rubber Duck

RD:”I am pretty sure this is not how you make Turduckin.”

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Rubber Duck Haiku

A Beautiful Day A Warm Pancake On My Head We Get Both Today!

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Getting PWNED by Rubber Duck!

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Rubber Duck Says: Cape Ann Needs Another Boat.

Someone is twisting Rubber Duck’s little rubber wing to post a story about bringing her boat up from Woods Hole to Gloucester. Arrived 11:30 AM, 93 miles, four hour trip. Take home: This is an easy trip if you can … Continue reading

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Another Rubber Duck Awesome Idea

Rolling rally Saturday. Wake up on Sunday with a hangover. Day of rest. Now what do you do? By Monday there are 108 days left until pitchers and catchers report to spring training. What is it about that number? It … Continue reading

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EJ’s double crested cormorant has a friend.

That Rubber Duck is too small. To get a gigantic Rubber Duck to our shores please “like” the Facebook Page, “Bring the Rubber Duck to Gloucester Harbor“. We need that page liked at least one hundred more times before we … Continue reading

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Rubber Duck: Now turn this Blue Flag Red

4 more wins.

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Let’s Hold Hands and Sing Kumbaya

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Rubber Duck Playoff Madness

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Who’s on First?

Click if you want this duck in Gloucester harbor.

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Can We Get The Gigantic Rubber Duck to Gloucester Harbor?

You never know until you try. Rubber Duck and Homie want to see the giant Rubber Duck in Gloucester Harbor so they have set up a Facebook Page to collect “likes”. If we get a few thousand “likes” then maybe … Continue reading

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Big Rubber Duck in Pittsburgh!

Live blogging of the Rubber Duck in Pittsburgh! The Pirates and the Reds are fighting it out this weekend for home field advantage. Pirates win and the Rubber Duck will be outside the stadium on Tuesday looking in watching the NL … Continue reading

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Part II Topside Grill Picture of the Week

Went to powder my nose at Topside Grill and what was hanging on the wall but a Rubber Duck Photo. see my post yesterday for some comments on the good grub at Topside.

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Topside Grill, 50 Rogers Street, Gloucester

I wanted to make sure I could catch the Red Sox clinch the playoffs so off to Topside Grill with the bar upstairs in case dinner runs too long. Dining downstairs I forgot about the game once the mussels arrived … Continue reading

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Today: September 19th, It Be Talk Like a Pirate Day

The record shows that eleven years ago today the first Talk Like a Pirate Day occurred. And it was 121 years ago today in 1892, on the front page of the Gloucester Daily Times, the North Shore paper of record, … Continue reading

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