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24 hour Countdown to Santa in Rockport

In 24 hours, Saturday at 3:45PM the Freemantle Doctor will round up and head into Rockport Harbor. You can open this post (click the header) then refresh the photo to get the most up to date view of the goings on.

Sandy Bay Yacht Club Net Cam

Sandy Bay Yacht Club Net Cam

Sandy Bay Yacht Club has two Net Cams click here. But better to get down there in person to meet Santa, enjoy some hot chocolate complete with mini-marshmallows,  enjoy the caroling in Dock Square and the lighting of the most awesome tree to ever grace Dock Square.

While you’re at the Sandy Bay Yacht Club web site go ahead and sign your kids up for sailing lessons next summer. Sailing season will be here before you know it.

The New Ocean Reporter

It was great to catch the new Ocean Reporter in rockport Harbor last week.

I wonder if there is a meaning of the penquin standing on the pilot house.

Or just a decoration.

Helicopter Over Cape Ann Pictures From Chris Roenker Part II

Beth Roenker writes-

Joey, attached are some pictures Chris Roenker of Rockport took on Thursday from a helicopter piloted by Dan Zimmermann also of Rockport.  They flew around Cape Ann and got some really great shots.  Thought you might want to share them.  Love the blog!  Beth

click pics for larger versions

Chris flight 015Chris flight 016Chris flight 021Chris flight 022Chris flight 023Chris flight 024Chris flight 025Chris flight 027Chris flight 029

15 – Pigeon Cove Harbor

16  Rockport Harbor

15 – Pigeon Cove Harbor

21  Thatcher Island

22  Loblolly Cove

23 Cape Hedge and Long Beaches

24 Good Harbor Beach

25 Gloucester Harbor

27 Hammond Castle

29 is just pretty

Lightning Show This Morning

Driving in from the west at 3:30AM this morning I followed the light show of a lightning storm as it headed east.

Lightning is very hard to photograph. No tripod and no idea how to keep the lens open on the camera. This is from I4C2 and the light in the distance is not the sun coming up. It’s about 4:15.

Had to burn some time before going epic fail rock hunting so went to Rockport. Lightning still going nuts but much harder to catch any since the shutter would not stay open. I took a ton of shots between strikes.