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Tonight the original Bandit Kings do it one more time!! The Rhumb Line at 930 Friday June 13th, 2014.



I’d like to take the time to let you all know that June 13th will be my last show with the Bandit Kings. My last show with Safety will be at the end of the Summer.
It’s been an amazing run with incredibly talented musicians.
Music lovers, friends, and family, you continue to help make the magic happen.
I’ve been lucky to have many paths to follow, but it’s time for me to venture onto another.
Thank you so much for rocking with me, and I hope to see you on the dance floor!



The Rhumb Line

 40 Railroad Avenue

Gloucester, Massachusetts

(978) 283-9732


Lydia Warren Tonight @ The Dave Sag’s Thursday Blues Party! Time 8:30!

dave sag rl mo

Summer’s almost here! Yes, yes, Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and to celebrate, let’s have a ball! So here goes!
  This Thursday at the Rhumb line, welcome back Ms. Lydia Warren. Winner of many awards, this lady is known for her stinging guitar and plaintive vocals. She always wrecks the joint! She’s bringing along Mr. Ephraim Lowell, on drums and hopefully, Matt Kelly on gootar. We’ll see. Should be a blast.


lydia warren


40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, MA 01930

phone: 978-283-9732


Harbor Loop Concert Series 2013 ♪♫♪ Dented School Bus & Scarlet ♪♫♪ Chocktaw Rocket ♪♫♪ Tuukis 8.1.2013

hl2k13_copy (1)

Dented School Bus

Theresa Gray

Frank Bernadini

John Donlon

John Silviera

Rick Geraghty

Walter Piscitello

Frank Hawks



Theresa Gray

John Donlon

Rick Geraghty

Frank Hawks


Photos by Scott Blanchard

Choctaw Rocket

Tod Ellyson – Drums and Vocals
Paula Dion – Vocals and Percussion
Bill Foley – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonicas
Thomas Mitchell – Bass
Frank Hawks – Guitar

Photos by Joanne Silva


John Silviera

Brian White

Ron Mansfield

Rick Mansfield

Terri  Deveau

Photos by Scott Blanchard