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Kenny MacCarthy and Ron Gelineau Represent! (wearin the stonewashed cap)

Dear Joey,
My oldest childhood friend, Ron Gelineau, (we were tossed from CCD class for chuckling at “the burning bush”)
is in town on vacation with his wife Melanie and daughter Regan. You may have seen
him hanging around your parking lot ’cause he’s a die hard GMG fan and Gloucester resident wannabe.
We were at Capt’ Carlo’s for dinner last night (fab eats, BTW! Ask for “Carl”. Great waiter!) when I told him about the “new hats”. Well, he had to have one. So, I whipped mine outta’ the trunk for a photo op. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do a group
photo as we only have 1 hat. So, please order more hats so Ronny and I can both have one. (Ronny’s got mine!)
Kenny MacCarthy


Ann & Bob Kennedy Represent! From Independence, MO

Here we are with my niece at the Hair Museum–yes, it’s the only one in the world (no wonder).  And you thought Gloucester had everything!  If you’re really curious here’s the link: http://www.leilashairmuseum.net/

Sending all of you our very best wishes for a wonderful August and never letting a day go by without time on GMG,

Ann & Bob Kennedy


Shewsberry Has An Idea For The Next Version of The Sticka Color- Ask The Readers For Nominations And Put It To A Vote!

So we are now accepting nominations for colors for the next GMG Sticka!

Enter your idea below in the comments to this post and after tomorrow I will create a poll.

If you don’t see the word comment below this post click the title of this post and then all the sharing options including pinterest, print this, Facebook, twitter, ect should appear.

What color scheme would you like to see?

At Most It can Be Two Colors.  Yellows and the like don’t show up.



Special thanks to GMG logo designer Beth Swan, and our producers Frank Ciolino and Shewsberry

Mendy Garron and Family Represent! In Sao Miguel, Azores

Hi Joey,
My family and I recently returned from a fabulous trip to Sao Miguel, Azores.  Attached is a picture of Jim and Odin representing near Lomba de Sao Pedro (meaning the Hill of Saint Peter), which we thought was appropriate for the Gloucester followers!  I have included a few more pictures of the beautiful scenery.  It is an absolutely amazing place!
All the best,
Mendy Garron 

gavin and bill doyle Represent! at townsends inlet, sea isle city

Stacey Fisher writes-

hi joey,
so, i practically blinded my only child to get a pic for gmg. that doesn’t make me a bad mom, does it?
if you’re in south jersey, hank sauce is a great place for fresh, straight forward, yummy tacos. the restaurant is brand new and their website is still in the works, but don’t be fooled. the food is fab and the four flavors of hot sauce are all spicylicious.
gavin and bill doyle help gmg invade townsends inlet, sea isle city.
jersey, baby!


Cameraman Bob Oliver and Maggie Harper From Channel 5’s Chronicle Represent! at Captain Joe and Sons

Bob and Maggie came down the dock to interview Frankie and I about lobstering, Gloucester and the Blog.  They’ve been around town all week.  yesterday it was our great Mayor’s day.  Look for the interview in about 3 weeks.

2012-06-20 11.25.54

here’s Frankie getting some face time-

2012-06-20 10.39.39

John McElhenny tweets- “The Camera Loves Frankie!”

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