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What Are the Chances This Potential Relationship Works Out Based On This Phone Call?

PSA for all the single ladies and men out there- This shit right here is textbook what not to do the night you meet a potential date. Desperation? check Too soon call back right after they met? check Drunk as … Continue reading

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Ask Joey C- Dating A Smoker

Dating a smoker asks- Joey, Do you date a smoker when you hate it but they are a quality person.  Everything about them is wonderful they just smoke? Dear “Dating a Smoker” I guess you gotta ask yourself how hot … Continue reading

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Ask Joey C With A Twist- “What To Do With a Wiper Blade Kisser?”

EJ says that I need to answer the questions with a touch of the female perspective so I had an idea last night.  I will forward the questions that come in anonymously to two of our GMG contributors who will … Continue reading

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Ask Joey C- Active Widow Asks About Dating

Active Widow asks- I am a 65 year old widow. I am still active and live on Cape Ann. I am not sure how to go about dating these days, or how to start. Or should I even start? While … Continue reading

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Ask Joey C- Tired Of Waiting For A Ring

On Behalf of Tired of Waiting- My good friend “Lisa” started dating someone named “Ted” a few years ago who was separated and estranged from his wife. Last summer Ted got his divorce, and now Lisa says she wants to … Continue reading

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Ask Joey C- Tired Girlfriend Asks

Tired Girlfriends asks- My boyfriend is very affectionate in the evening, and wakes up every few hours with certain needs. Now, on one hand he is very loving and always satisfies my needs too, but on the other I end … Continue reading

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Ask Joey C- Concerned Mother Has Daughter Who Dates Losers – I Need Help On This One Folks

Concerned Mother writes- My daughter really goes for the underdog (ie. losers). How can I gently encourage her to set her sights higher without seeming like the overbearing mother? My advice?   Normally I can bang out relationship advice all day … Continue reading

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