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See, Joey? It wasn’t my fault!

Arrrgh, is it any coincidence that the last block party is “Talk Like a Pirate Day”?


Cap’n Slappy and Chum Bucket are polishing their cutlasses so check back often.

By: paultmorrison on September 15, 2009
at 12:02 pm


  • Just don’t bring up any talk of Puffy shirts. It gets Sharon all hot.

    By: Joey on September 15, 2009
    at 12:12 pm


Arrgh, but I already wired my talkin’ parrot to the shoulder of my puffy shirt.

By: paultmorrison on September 15, 2009
at 12:24 pm


Will this do, Joey?

Seinfeld_Kramer_Lobster_Shirt-TPuffy Shirt Update-

Joey’s holding out for a hundred billion bucks to get him to wear the Puffy Shirt for the Block Party. But he has consented to wear Cosmo Kramer’s Lobster Shirt.

Should we push for the Puffy Shirt or get him the lobster shirt?

My Demands

For those of you wise guys that are trying to con me into wearing the Puffy Shirt at the first Block Party I’ve assembled a simple list of demands (well really its just one demand so it shouldn’t be that hard for you fuckers to put together)

you know the drill- click the picture to roll the video-

Joey and the Puffy Shirt

Since Pirate Days are coming to Gloucester, I really think Joey should get a Puffy Pirate Shirt for the Block Party, but he doesn’t agree.  Any suggestions as to how we get him to wear one?


Jerry Seinfeld, left, with Kramer (Michael Richards) in the "Puffy Shirt" episode, said he had no idea it would become a classic on TV's "Seinfeld." (Castle Rock Entertainment)