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How much could I charge for a seminar to teach people how to look for things on the internet using a search engine?

You may think I’m kidding but I’m dead serious. Or maybe the President of the United States could pay me to do a national public service announcement campaign explaining how to do it.  What would I need like a 30 … Continue reading

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Video: The Good Harbor Seal ~ What to do if you find a seal on the beach

The beautiful juvenile Harbor Seal was found on a foggy morning in midsummer. The seal was beached at the high tide line and its breathing was heavy and labored. It had no interest in returning to the water and needed … Continue reading

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PSA To All You Kids Out There- You Think The First Time This Broad Popped A Pill She Ever Imagined That She’d End Up A Mess like This?

Andrea Cortois posted this to twitter- Mug Shot: NH woman charged w/ 1 ½ oz of power cocaine, crack cocaine, approx 100 Oxy pills, meth and heroin. twitpic.com/ch5qff — AndreaWBZ (@AndreaWBZ) April 5, 2013 This girl could have been attractive. … Continue reading

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Eastern Point PSA and Happenings From Dani Lubbers

Hi Joey! Keeping you updated with the happenings down at Eastern Point Lighthouse. With all of this ridiculous snow, we decided that we should do something constructive with it. So naturally we built this huge ass igloo. We aren’t skilled … Continue reading

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Public Service Announcement- Don’t be the person who……..

Don’t be the person who wears one of those annoying bluetooth headsets. I’m here to save you from looking like an ass hat. My first experience with this evil contraption came about 4 years ago while on vacation in Naples … Continue reading

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