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GMG Discussion With Host Joey C, Paul Frontiero and Paul Morrison

GMG Discussion March 30, 2013 Click here to play or save the podcast We discuss: The Gloucester Windmills Taking The “Easter” Out Of The Easter Egg Hunt GMG FOB Art and Photography Show at Cape Ann Giclee Over/Under Date For … Continue reading

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Pickles and How The PC Police Runs Rough Shod Over America

First off let me say that calling a black person a nigger if you don’t know them and know that they would take offense to it is of course wrong.  I’ve greeted one of my closest friends, a black man … Continue reading

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The PC Race To Eliminate The Term Midget Takes Another Victim

Barstool Sports reports- Cains Pickles Stops Selling Midget Pickles After The Mother of A Midget Complains This just a couple days after my “When did a midget not become a midget?” post- Serious Question- When Did A Midget Not Become … Continue reading

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Serious Question- When Did A Midget Not Become A Midget?

So we’re in the car on the way to Friendlies last night and Snoop Maddie Mad brings up the subject of Leprechauns.  She asks if I ever saw a Leprechaun to which I replied- why yes I had.  Just last … Continue reading

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Poll- Has Political Correctness In This Day and Age Gone Too Far

Have we as a society gone soft? Coaches getting punished for making kids run, Mothers getting arrested for letting kids play outside, High School Basketball coaches getting fired for swearing in the locker room, High School Boards Trying to eliminate … Continue reading

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