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Banned: The Abominable Words Horror, Zombie, and Terror

The Golden Age of DC Comics

Interestingly, in light of the recent discussion about hyper political correctness on GMG, Wednesday an interview aired on NPR with Paul Levitz, former DC Comics president and author of the new book The Golden Age of DC Comics. He spoke about the Great Comic Book Scare, and how censorship of comic books stifled the creativity of the authors and artists for nearly 20 years. Through the 1930s-1940s comic books were often thought to be violent, weird, and scary. American psychologist and morality crusader Fredric Wertham led the charge in censoring comics with his book Seduction of the Innocent, published in 1954. One particular noteworthy claim of Wertham’s is that Wonder Woman’s strength and independence made her a lesbian.

Seduction of the innocent

Wertham blamed comics for causing maladjusted and juvenile delinquents (sound familiar to video gamers?). The movement to censor comics grew and soon schools were holding comic book burnings, distributors refused to sell comic books, and senate subcommittee hearings were held. Subsequently 75% of the comic book publishers were forced out of business. In order to appease the morality police and stay in business, the remaining comic book publishers formed the self-regulating Comics Code Authority. The use of words such as “horror,” “ zombie,” and “terror” were banned.

The Adventures of Tin Tin Volume 1

Both my kids loved from a very young age (and still do) the comic albums by Hergé, The Adventures of Tin Tin (published 1929-1976).  I worried about the salty and perpetually drunk Captain Haddock, racial stereotypes, and colonialism. On the other hand, Hergé’s drawings are exquisite, the characters utterly engaging, and around-the-world adventures well researched and exciting. We explained to our kids that The Adventures of Tin Tin were written in the spirit of the time.

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Poll Results- Has Political Correctness In This Day and Age Gone Too Far?

The other day I posted a poll-

Poll- Has Political Correctness In This Day and Age Gone Too Far?

Posted on October 9, 2012 by Joey C

Have we as a society gone soft?

Coaches getting punished for making kids run,

Mothers getting arrested for letting kids play outside,

High School Basketball coaches getting fired for swearing in the locker room,

High School Boards Trying to eliminate Football because it’s too dangerous,

High schools banning kids from telling other kids they got into Ivy League colleges so they don’t hurt other people’s feelings,

Teachers getting fired for writing out of frustration,

Nursury Rhymes being changed to not offend, the list goes on and on and on.

People in everyday life acting as if they were running for office or were in some corporate job 24/7 campaigning for a raise.   Everything is supposed to be vanilla, no one is supposed to raise their voice, we’ve literally handcuffed the poor teachers from disciplining students, everyone gets a trophy, eliminating MVP awards to not make anyone feel inferior. 

For Christs sake when does it end?  Are we creating a nation of weak, dry, humorless politically correct robots?

What would our Grandfathers say about all this?  Probably just shake their heads in disgust.

Here are the results-


Thank goodness for the results of this poll.  It restores a little bit of faith in the sanity of the populace.