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2011 Gloucester Little League Major A World Series Champs The Pirates

Coaches Lisa and Eric Olson and Team

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Beautiful piece of driftwood on GHB last night. Driftwood really is a natural blank canvas. I should’ve brought it home and made a “Welcome Pirates” sign like I used to do with my Dad when I was little. Glue some … Continue reading

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See, Joey? It wasn’t my fault!

Arrrgh, is it any coincidence that the last block party is “Talk Like a Pirate Day”? http://www.talklikeapirateday.com/ Cap’n Slappy and Chum Bucket are polishing their cutlasses so check back often. Edit Comment By: paultmorrison on September 15, 2009 at 12:02 … Continue reading

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Pirate Word Scramble

Unscramble the pirate words below: 1. otlesnohy________________ 2. niaamsudlg________________ 3. ueanlbldbr________________ 4. ogrg________________ 5. goadhseh________________ 6. zimzne________________ 7. ilbcanne________________ 8. snwgeghoarl________________ 9.kelehual________________ 10. aedogs________________

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