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Should I Tell Tuffy That The Tag Is Still On His New Dockers Cap? Nahhhh

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Ben Niedermeyer and Wife 2009 Captain Joe & Sons Best Dressed Customer of The Year Award Winner Joanne Pimp Artist Rob Dieboll

Ben writes- Hey Joey:  Great to see you and Frank yesterday and thanks for some great lobsters which we at last night.  Joanne wanted me to forward you the website address of our good friend and excellent artist Rob Dieboll.  … Continue reading

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Biker Brenda Brings Us The Latest Happenings On Rocky Neck Video

Watch For The Big Finish!!! Here’s to a great season down on Rocky Neck.  Brenda just got back from a six month stint in Thailand.  Check out more on Brenda here

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On the way back to Tampa from Naples we saw this sweet sticker.  I’m thinking of mass producing them  but changing out the “Dub Lyfe” to “GMG Lyfe”.  I know all you pimps and hos out there will be lining up … Continue reading

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Pimp!- Panther Lamp at Bananas

Sabine at Bananas tells me that back in the day when people first started having televisions in their homes the press was telling people that they needed to have a light on in the room or they would go blind … Continue reading

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Mr Wonderful- GMG’s David Cox

We are lucky to have David taking pictures for us.  Y’all have no idea what he goes through to get the pictures you see that he takes to me. Not computer savvy, David will spend hours at Walgreens editing his … Continue reading

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Pablo put together quite the ensemble yesterday, making him Pimp! of the day. Pimp!, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

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Someone Celebrated A Birthday In Style This Week!

Pimp! Someone Celebrated A Birthday In Style This Week!, originally uploaded by captjoe06. Happy Birthday Alyssa!

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What makes this guy so pimp?  Is it the vintage Kingsford visor circa 1978?  Is it the multiple pairs of safety glasses that he wears for no apparent reason?  I don’t know but he is the first in the Pimp! … Continue reading

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