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Pickles and How The PC Police Runs Rough Shod Over America

First off let me say that calling a black person a nigger if you don’t know them and know that they would take offense to it is of course wrong.  I’ve greeted one of my closest friends, a black man … Continue reading

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Breakfast with Tomato Marmalade

A while back I mentioned Alexander Thompson’s delicious tomato marmalade (I mentioned it here and here).  It might sound unexpected (I had never heard of tomato marmalade before), but tomatos are fruit, and Alexander’s recipe really works.  They served it … Continue reading

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The Case For Pickles

So you know when you have that brief moment of weakness and you’re hungry and you know you just gotta eat something but it’s not breakfast, lunch or dinner time? You face decisions all day every day about what you’re … Continue reading

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Grandma Ethel Needs To Put Down the Crack Pipe

Grandma Ethel’s Lobster Rolls Rock A Recipe from Island Creek Oyster Bar It all started out innocently enough.  It seemed reasonable when you quickly scanned over Granny’s ingredient list and hey, I can even let a lobster roll that has … Continue reading

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Gloucester Perspectives- Myron Lepine

Myron Lepine displays his award winning pickles and relishes.

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Myron Lepine’s Award Winning Pickles and Relishes

Myron Lepine takes big time pride in his pickling and it shows. Here are some of his award winning pickles and relishes that have won top honors at The Topsfield Fair. Myron Lepine’s Award Winning Pickles and Relishes, originally uploaded … Continue reading

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