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More Snapshots from Thursday’s Farmer’s Market and Seafood Throwdown

Nutty Redhead Lisa ©Kim Smith 2014Lisa, The Nutty Redhead ~ Exciting News from the Nutty Redhead ~ STAY TUNED!

Justine Vitale an FamilyJustine Vitale with Family and Brand New Rescue Pooch

Amanda Copok ©Kim Smith 2014Amanda Cook Spinning Her Multi-blue-hued Hand Dyed Yarn

Rosalie harrington Gloucester Seafood Throwdown ©Kim Smith 2014Rosalie Harrington, Thursday’s Seafood Throwdown Winner

Rosalie Harrington's dogfish stew ©Kim Smith 2014Rosalie’s Dogfish and Fresh Vegetable Stew ~ Would you call this a cioppino, even though only made with one fish? Read more

My Grandmother’s Super Simple Peppermint Walnuts Recipe

Listening to Sunday’s podcast with Lisa and John and learning about Lisa’s nut company, The Nutty Redhead, and passion for all things Victorian, I thought she would want to know about this authentic Victorian recipe. My Mimi always served Peppermint Walnuts at Christmastime because she had in turn learned if from her mother, my great grandmother! My Mom made minted walnuts, too, and every holiday season I make several batches for friends and family. Nutty snacks are especially great during the holiday season when you want something sweet but don’t want to load up on the butter and white flour. Best wishes to The Nutty Redhead and her growing business!

Peppermint Walnuts - ©Kim Smith 2013 copy


4 Cups sugar

2 Cups water

4 Tbs. corn syrup

pinch of salt

32 marshmallows (regular size, not minis)

2 tsp. pure peppermint extract

16 Cups walnuts

In a large pot cook first four ingredients until very soft ball stage, 230 degrees. Add marshmallows and stir until melted Add peppermint oil. Add walnuts and stir until nuts are thoroughly coated with frosting. Turn out onto parchment paper and spread evenly about 1 -2 inches thick. When thoroughly dry, about 4-6 hours, break any large clumps into smaller pieces and store in airtight containers. Makes approximately 16 cups.

Note ~ The recipe can easily be halved or quartered. Add fewer nuts proportionately for a sweeter batch. We save Bon Maman jam jars throughout the year as they make  the perfect gift-sized container.